Form Elements (Basic)
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    Form Elements (Basic)

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      In Quixy platform, the form fields are categorized into three segments:

      1. Basic
      2. Advance 
      3. Reference

      Basic Form Elements: These are fundamental fields used for basic data input. They include:

      1. Textbox: Which allows users to enter text or alphanumeric characters.
      2. Number: Which restricts input to numerical values only.
      3. Date: Which enables users to select a date from a calendar.
      4. Checkbox: A binary option for selecting/deselecting a choice.
      5. File Upload: Which allows users to upload files or click pictures.
      6. Radio: Presents a set of options where only one can be selected.
      7. Drop-down: Displays a list of predefined options for selection.
      8. Calculate: Performs calculations based on input values.
      9. Grid: Enables users to enter data in a tabular format.

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