Facial Recognition
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    Facial Recognition

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      In today's world, a human face is employed not only for social interactions but also to unlock a variety of devices. This particular feature is known as Facial Recognition. Face recognition feature is becoming more useful in a variety of areas, including businesses, hospitals, law enforcement, retail, hospitality, and marketing, as technology progresses.

      The face scanner is a next-generation recognition system that allows for a highly flexible human verification process. Its use isn't just limited to security concerns; it also quickly stretches its reach into the commercial realm like SaaS Enterprises.

      In Quixy, facial recognition is employed while adding a record to the app. When a person's face is scanned, the data in the Quixy database associated with that person's face is immediately fetched and displayed on the application. As a result, it significantly improves the credibility of the data captured and reduces the time spent manually entering the data. 

      To use this feature, you need to follow the steps given below:

      Step 1: You need to create an app to register/save individual's faces in Quixy.

      Step 2: You need to create another app to employ the feature to scan the faces of the individuals and fetch data into the app.

      A detailed explanation of both the steps is given below:

      Step 1: Face Registration 

      The purpose of this step is to register/save the facial identities of the individuals in Quixy.

      Create an app with:

      1. File Upload field, to capture the face images.
      2. An additional form element field (Ex: Text Box, Number, etc ) to capture a value (The value can be a Name, Email id, Registration id, etc.) which acts as a reference value for the face.

      Then, integrate the app with an Quixy API, it is mandatory to complete the registration.

      App Creation

      Let us create an app to store the employee faces along with the reference value as employee Id for an organization. 

      • On the dashboard page, click on the Admin Menu > Apps > Create App.


      • On the Name page, select the Workspace and give a Name to the app.
      • Click Next to land on the Form Builder page.


      • On the Form Builder page, drag-and-drop the File Upload field and Number field.
      • File Upload field will capture the images of the employee faces and Number field will capture their ID numbers.


      • Click Next to land on the Workflow step
      • In workflow page, give a Role to the Start step who ever will be responsible for adding a record in this app.


      • Since, it is a simple application just to capture the employees face images, we don't need any Business Rules or Access Permissions
      • Navigate to the Publish Step and publish the application.


      Now, you need to integrate this app with an Quixy Face Recognition API, so that whenever a record is submitted in the app with all the employee facial images, the images will get stored in the Facial Recognition database. 

      App integration with External API

      • On the dashboard page, click on the Admin Menu > Apps > Manage Apps


      • On Manage Apps page, select the Workspace in which you created the app or Search the app by its name.


      • Now, to integrate the app with an external API, view the app.


      • On app view page, click on More Options on the top-right corner, and select Integrations.


      • You will land on the integrations page.


      • Contact the Quixy team to obtain the Quixy Face Recognition API .
      • Refer to this link to understand the configuration of the Quixy Face Recognition API.

      Note: Now that you have completed the configuration of the Quixy Face Recognition API to the app, you can start adding a record in the app to store the employee face images.

      Add Record in the app

      • Open the app in add record mode.
      • Give the reference value (i.e., Employee ID) and upload all the face images.


      • Submit the record by clicking on the Submit button. 
      • All the images will be stored in the Facial Recognition database 

      Congratulations! you have successfully registered the faces of your employees in Quixy. Now it is time to use this feature.

      Step 2: Face Recognition

      The purpose of this step is to use the Facial Recognition feature and add a record in an app.

      Create another app in which you can enable the scanner for a form element by selecting the scanner type as Face Recognition. 

      Let us take a use case:

      Employees returns back to office after pandemic, to mark the attendance, instead of using finger print scanner they shall use Quixy app to scan the employee face to fetch their details automatically and submit the attendance. 

      Now, let's create the app:

      • On the dashboard page, click on the Admin Menu > Apps > Create App.


      • On the Name page, select the Workspace and give a Name to the app.
      • Click Next to land on the Form Builder page.


      • Put a reference element on the form builder and configure the facial scanner to it, so that when ever you add a record in the app by scanning an individual's face, his/her data should fetch on the app.
      • Drag-and-drop a reference form element on the form builders and configure Face Recognition to the form element.


      • Now, define the Workflow, Business rules and Access Permissions according to your requirements.
      • Publish the Application.


      • Now, open this app in mobile to add a record by scanning a face.
      • Go to mobile application and open the app that you created.


      • Once you open the app, the Facial Scanner will open automatically, or you can open the scanner manually according to the configuration.


      • Once the face is scanned, the data would populate on the app and you can submit the record. 



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