What is the use of Mobile Devices option in Preferences?

An overview on Mobile Devices

This feature will allow you to capture and view the details of the mobile devices used by users in your organization, there are certain parameters (i.e., Device id, Created Date, User, Battery Percent, and Location) which gets captured in the platform.

You will also have provision to send alert mails to the users in your organization, according to the battery percentage on their mobile devices.

You need not enable this feature to capture the details from the mobile phones, this feature is by default enabled and it captures the details from the user's mobile phone when they log in to their Quixy mobile app.

This feature is mainly useful for the organizations whose employees have on-field work and the higher management needs to know about exact locations of their users where they login and which devices they login from.

If you want to send email notifications to the users when their phone battery percentage drops below 50%, you need to turn on the Enable Battery Health Check.

  • If you turn it on, platform will ask you to choose weather you want to enable it for the whole Organization or for some particular Roles.
  • If you select Organization, the emails will be sent to all the users in the organization whose phone battery % has dropped below 50%.
  • If you select Roles, platform will ask you to select the workspace and roles in it.