What is the use of Calendars in Preferences?

An overview of how to use Calendars

The motive of this calendars feature is to define the working days and holidays in a week or year and assign it to a user in an organization.

For Example:

There is an organization, and its employees work in 3 different shifts (Morning, Evening, and Night) on a working day. The organization admin can create 3 different calendars with 3 different timelines (9am to 6pm; 2pm to 11pm; 6pm to 3am) and allocate those calendars to their respective employees.  

Calendars play vital role across the platform in various scenarios. Few scenarios are listed below:

  1. Calculating Task SLAs
  2. Business Rules

How to configure a calendar?

  • On the dashboard page, click on the Admin Menu > Preferences > Calendars

  • On the Calendars page, click on the Add Calendar on the top right corner.

  • A Add Calendar pop-up will display on the screen asking to define the Working Hours.

  • Start by giving a Name to the calendar.
  • You will be able to see the week days with pre-defined timings.

  • If you wish to change the timings of the week days, select the time slot and change the time.

  • To delete any default week days (Ex: Thursday & Friday), click on the Remove button corresponding to the week days.

  • To add any new working days (Ex: Saturday & Sunday), click on the Select Days drop-down under Working Hours section and select a day.

  • Once, you select the day, select the work timings form the time slots and click on Add button to add the day among the working days.

  • Once completed with defining the workdays in a week, click on Save button to save the calendar.
  • You will be able to see the newly created calendar in the calendars list page.

  • You have successfully defined the working days in a week.
  • Now, to define any public holidays in a calendar year apart from the week-offs, you need to define the holidays in the calendar.
  • Click on the calendar to open its Actions.

  • In Actions, click on the Add/View Holidays option.

  • A pop-up will display on the screen to add the holidays, select the Year and click on Add Holiday button.

  • A pop-up will display on the screen asking you to select the holiday date.
    • Give a Name to the holiday (Ex: Independence Day)
    • Select the date
    • Give a description, if required.
  • Save the holiday.

Congratulations! you have created a Calendar