What is IP Whitelisting?

An overview why do we use IP Whitelisting

In Quixy, you can use IP Whitelisting to list all the trusted IP addresses of the users of an org to access their Quixy application only from those trusted IP addresses.

Generally, users (Employees) in an organization access the Quixy application only from their office computers, in some scenarios like pandemic where they need to work remotely, they use their personal computers to access the Quixy application. To restrict the users not to use multiple computers, you can fix the IP addresses, only through which they can access the Quixy application.

How to add the IP addresses?  

  • Click Admin Menu > Preferences > IP Whitelisting

  • Enable IP Whitelisting.

  • System will give you options to enter Single IP addresses or a Range of consecutive IP addresses.

  • If you choose Single. You can add IP addresses one-by-one by clicking on +Add.

Example:, 172.16.454.2,

  • If you choose Range. You can add a range of consecutive IP addresses.
Example:,, to

  • Click +Add.