What is the use of Notifications under Preferences

An overview of the Notifications option in Preferences

The Notification option in Preferences is only used to enable or disable Email and SMS notifications to be sent to different users in different scenarios such as task creation, task completion, escalation email when task is not completed on time, reminder email to complete the task on time, and user role changes. This will be applicable to every user in the organization.

On Notifications page, for each category (Task Created, Task Completed, Task Escalation, Task Reminder, and Role Changes) you will see options enable/disable the Email and SMS notifications.

How does this work?

For Example: If you disable Email notification for Task Created, the task created emails which need to be sent to users for whom a task gets created will stop and this will happen across the platform for user.

How to configure the notifications?

  • Click Admin Menu > Preferences > Configure Notifications.

  • By default, for each category the Email and SMS notifications are enabled.
  • Even if you don't want Emails or SMS or both to be sent to users, you can simply disable them.