What are Audit Logs?

An overview on Audit Logs

All the transaction (be it creating an app or changing the app name through quick edit) which are made in the Quixy application by all the users in your organization will get recorded in the audit log. This will be like a proof to all the transactions that happen in the Quixy application.

How to use it?

  • You will find the Audit Logs option in the More Options.

  • After landing on the Audit Logs page, you will find five different columns to fetch the logs that are recorded for different activities, below that you will find all the logs that are recorded.

  • The Select Type drop-down will give list of all the features present in the Quixy application in which you can make transactions. Refer to the image below.

  • The Reference Type drop-down give the list of all the different types of transactions that you can make with a feature. 

For Example: In a App, you can perform three actions i.e., Create, Update and Delete.

  • You can select a date, if you want to fetch all the transactions made on that particular day.
  • You can select a user, to see all the transactions made by that particular user.

All the fields Audit Logs page are interdependent on each other, you will only fetch the data according to the action items that you select.