What are Admin Requests?

An overview on Admin Requests

The requests which are raised by the users in an organisation to take an action or give some permissions will get recorded in the Admin Requests.

Example: you can request the organization admin to deactivate a user or give access to an application/report.

It can be really difficult to send emails and follow up with the org.admin for a request, so you this feature is really useful to notify the admin with in Quixy.

  • On Admin Requests page, you will find four columns to fetch the requests and act upon them.
  • Request Type drop-down will show you the list of all the different types of request that you get. 
  • Date fields are to give the date range between which platform will fetch all the requests which you got.
  • Status field is to filter out requests based on whether it is New/Closed/Both(All).