Webhook API

An overview of how to configure webhook to push data into Quixy from a third-party platform

The Webhook API enables any third-party platform to integrate with Quixy using an API and push data into Quixy applications. 

To consume Quixy’s webhook API, it is mandatory for the third-party platforms to have a bearer token for authentication. To generate the bearer token, one should have Integration Access in Quixy. 

How to consume Webhook API? 

Note: It is required to create an application with all of the required fields into which the data will be pushed by the third-party platform.

  • Check the Enable Webhook checkbox option on the publish page, and publish the app. 


  • Once the app is published, navigate to the app’s view page, and click on the 3-dot menu, as shown below. Select Web Hook


  • The platform will provide the Quixy app's API details, which can be used in accordance with the bearer token to push data from a third-party platform to the Quixy app.