An overview of how to configure webhook to push data into Quixy from a third-party platform

This feature is to enable third-party API (External) to integrate with Quixy. With this feature, you can push data into Quixy from a third-party system.

  • Check the Enable Webhook checkbox option while publishing the app.

  • Publish the application.

Important Note!

The users who have INTEGRATION ACCESS permission from the organization admin at the user level can only perform the third-party integration.

  • First, you need to activate the integration access option to the user while creating a user or by editing the user profile to access the webhook.

  • Log in as the user who has the integration access enabled.
  • Go to My Profile on the dashboard. 

  • Go to the Integrations tab. You will find a Secret Key. Click on the Re-Generate Key button to generate a new secret key, click on the Revoke Key button to delete the secret key.

Note: The process of generating a secret key can be called access token generation.

  • Click on the copy button in the Secret Key column to copy the secret key.

Note: You can test the Secret Key using the Postman application.

  • Open the postman application.
  • Put the secret key in the postman application.
  • Enter the Header and Body information in the postman application.
  • Enter the API URL in the postman application.
  • The call request type should be POST, to push the data from the Quixy platform to third-party platform.
  • If the post-call gets successful, You will get a message as success, and a Response as shown in the above picture.

If the Secret Key works, you will get a proper output in the postman application.

  • Now, open the application in view mode, click on the More option and select the WebHook option.

  • The WebHook page will open with an API URL and JSON body on the screen.
  • Click on the copy button to copy the JSON.

  • You can take the copy of the JSON body and share it with the 3rd party platform to integrate the Quixy app to third party platform successfully.