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How to create User Reference Form Element?

User Reference element is used to select the users in the workspace for whom you want to send the details of the user.

User Reference is used in Triggers.

Here, you can select a single user if you select the drop-down option from the properties.

You can select one or more users if you select the multi-select option from the properties of user reference.

  • It shows the list of users in drop-down when you are adding record to the app.

Set Pattern validation to an element

  • Select the element which you want to set pattern validation
  • Click on the element, Properties window is open
  • Check the Pattern Validation option, then Message, Validation Pattern fields and Choose Validation Pattern link are shown in Properties window.

  • Click on the Choose Validation Pattern link then Validation Pattern pop-up window will open on the screen.

  • Validation Pattern pop-up window contains pre-defined validations to select from or you can create your own patterns.

  • Select pattern and click on the Save button, then the validation is set to the element.

Form Builder - Delete Form Element

In Form Builder Section, if you want to delete a form element from the Form, a pop up will display on the screen.

  • Click on delete Form Element icon in the element.

  • A pop-up will display with a confirmation message to delete the element.

  • Click on the Yes button to delete the form element.