Properties of Text Box Form Element

It is a text box element field where you can enter text (Alphanumeric values) in it, and it has five sub-categories.

Text Box categories

The text box form element has the following categories.

1. Text Box

  • This element field will store the string values.
    E.g., it will store values like User Name.

2. Text Area

  • This element field will store the string values.
    E.g., it will store values like an address.

3. Email Id

  • This element field will store only emails.

4. Phone Number

  •  This element field will store only Phone numbers.

5. Rich Text

  • Rich Text is an editor is used to create a document; it is the same as a word document.

Text-Box Properties

  • Field Name: It is a unique name for the field element.
  • Label Name: It will set the label for the element field, and it can be the same as the field name.
  • Help Text: Help Text is a helpful tip that you want to show the user who uses the application, i.e. when you put the cursor over the element, it displays a help text.
  • Default value: It is to set a default value for the field.
  • Hidden Field: When you set the element as a hidden field, it will not display on the application.

  • IsEnable Scanner: It will allow you to scan a QR code/ Bar code from that From element field in mobile app.
  • Validation Settings: This ensures that the data inserted into an application element satisfies defined formats and other input criteria.
  • Required Field: If you set an element as a required field. It means that it is a mandatory field.

  • Length Validation: Length validation has two values.

        Maximum Value and Minimum Value.

  • You can set length validation to an element.

 For Example: you can set a validation to the text box field length as follows.

  • Minimum value=3
  • Maximum value=6

So you can enter a minimum of 3 characters and a maximum of 6 characters in that field.

  • Pattern Validation: Patterns are regular expressions used to implement a specific element's validity when data is collected. For Example, there are several validation types for the Text Box element, as shown in the Validation Pattern Pop-up window. Additional validation patterns can be modified and customize the validation of an error message.


Caution! : If you change the category in properties for the form elements, Field name and label name will not change.

Important Note! : Properties like Field Name, Label Name, Help Text, Default Value, Required field and Hidden Field has the same feature as in the Name element and it is the same for all the Basic element fields.