Properties of QR Code Form Element

This element field retrieves stored information of a user into the application directly without any manual entry request.

  • Open the properties window for QR code by clicking on the element field.

  • You need to select an element field from the drop-down in the properties. It generates a QR code whenever you put some value into that field.
  • The drop-down displays all the elements that are present in the builder pane.

  • Here, for this application, we add the text box form element field to the QR code.
  • In the preview page, you can see that there is no QR code visible on the page, as shown below.

  • Whenever you enter a value in the Text box form element, it generates a unique QR code automatically, as shown below.
  • It generates a unique QR code whenever the value in the Phone Number element field is changed.