Properties Grid Form Element

The grid element field is just like a table inside an application. It will contain the form elements, the form elements will be the header names of the grid.


  • Add Grid Elements: This link will redirect to another form builder page specific to the grid element. You can add element fields to create a grid table.

  • The form elements that you add to the grid table can be seen as headers in the grid table to capture the same application respective to field elements.
  • You need to click on the preview to look at the grid table, as shown below.

  • You can see three buttons attached at the right corner of the grid table in the preview section, i.e., Add Record, Download to Excel, Upload Excel.

Add Record

  • Click on the Add Record button to add a new record manually.

  • A new empty row adds to the below-existing Grid, which allows the user to add new values to the grid elements manually.

  • You can add as many rows as you want to base on the requirement by clicking on Add Record.

Download to Excel

  • Click on the Download to Excel button to get the data from the grid table to an excel sheet.

  • A Download Excel pop-up is visible on the screen, as shown below.

  • You can see two buttons in the pop-up, Download All Data and Download Sample.
  • You can click on the Download All data button to download the Grid into an excel sheet with all the data captured into the excel sheet.
  • You can click on the Download Sample button to get a sample excel sheet.

Upload Excel

  • To upload an excel sheet, you need to download the sample grid file, use the Download to excel option, add the data to the excel file, and then upload it using the Upload Excel option.

Caution! : The header names of both the grid table and the excel table must be same.

  • Click on the Upload Excel button.

  • You can see an open window pop-up on the screen to select the excel file, as shown below.

  • Select the excel file and click on the open button to upload.

  • The data gets uploaded from the excel sheet to the Grid.

  • Disable Add: You can check this option to disable the Add icon from the grid table in the preview, and you cannot add records to the Grid manually.
  • Check the Disable Add checkbox, as shown below.

  • The grid table can be seen without the Add icon, as shown below.

  • Disable Delete: Once you check this option, the Grid records will not delete because you disabled the Grid's delete option.
  • Check the Disable Delete checkbox.

  • The grid table can be seen without the Action field, as shown below.

  • Disable Upload: You can check this option to disable the Upload Excel button on the grid table in preview.
  • Check the Disable Upload checkbox.

  • The grid table can be seen without Upload and Download icons, as shown below.

Form Builder Elements for Grid

Form Builder Elements are used in Grid to create a grid table.

  • The element fields in the application Form Builder and the grid Form Builder are the same, except Serial Number and Default Column in Basic Elements.

Important Note: You can refer to the Application Form Builder to get an understanding on the element fields and their uses.

Note: Serial Number is the only extra form element which is present in the grid form element which is explained below

Serial Number

This element is to set the serial number for the records in the Grid. It automatically updates the serial Number to the grid records.

Properties for serial Number:

Default Column

It has a list of values, you can set default values to the grid element, but it is difficult to get as many rows as the Number of default values set.

  • Field Name: Field Name is a unique name for the app elements.
  • Label Name: Label Name is to set the label for the element.
  • Custom choices - You need to define the list of choices you want to display in the drop-down.
  • Pre-defined choices - These are the pre-defined choices in a Lookup.

  • Select Default Value: This field is to set the default value for the element.
  • Hidden Filed: You can check this option to hide the element field.