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FAQs on the Form Elements Reference

What is difference between data source references  and data table  references? 

Data table references is used to fetch the data from the data table by using the data table get function and data source reference is used to  fetch the data from the data source created. Data source has collection of data from the data tables and Apps. 

Are data table functions are necessary while we use data table reference? 

Yes data table get function is necessary to fetch the data from the data table while we use data table reference. 

Can we use different data tables of different workspaces when we are using data table reference? 

No we can only use only the data tables of the specified workspace in which we are creating the app. 

What is the differences between single and list function type?  

List function type is used to fetch the grid type of data while single function type is used to fetch the data of individual elements without grid . 

What is use of user details reference ? 

User DetailForm Element is to pull the details of a user in the selected form elements in the app who is registered and assigned to that app while adding records to the app. 

Can we select the specified elements from the user details drop down ? 

Yes we can select the specified details of the registered users of our choice.  

What is the use of user reference? 

User Reference element is used to select the users in the workspace for whom you want to send the details of the user. 

What is the difference between drop down and multiple select drop down? 

Drop down is used to select a single element while multiple drop down is used to select the multiple elements from drop down. 

Can we select the specified elements of our choice as output reference elements when we use data table reference and data source reference?

Yes we can select elements of our choice for both data table reference and data source reference  from the displayed drop drown elements. 

What is the difference between external drop down and external app references? 

External drop down will be used to link external drop down while external app references are used to link the external app data.