FAQs on Form elements basic

What are differences between Static Rich Text and Dynamic Rich Text? 

Static Rich text is the rich text which the end user cannot edit it. It will look like a static text or heading and if you keep it dynamic it will show the end user same editor window (rich text editor) where the end user can edit/format the text 

What is the differences between Text box and Text area? 

Text box is used to mention a names of the elements, While Text area is used to write a address/sentences 

What is the use of date range filed in date properties? 

It is used to define a set of range dates  

What is the difference between field name and label name? 

Filed name is to define unique element name where label name is the name which displays to the end user. 

What is use of Disable add, Disable delete and Disable upload in Grid? 

Once you enable these fields to the grid, For the end user it prevents from adding a record, deleting a record and uploading a file elements inside the grid.

What is the use of Help text will that be visible in the form for end user? 

Help Text is a helpful tip that you want to show the user who uses the application, when you put the cursor over the element, it displays a help text. 

What is the difference between string calculate and number calculate ? 

Number Formula applied on number fields. String Formula applied on string fields. One as to select the calculate filed based on his choices 

What is the difference between check box and the radio button? 

This Checkbox form element is to store true/false values. Use it when you have a list of values where you need to select multiple options. While the radio button is used to store a single value 

What is difference between drop down and multiple select drop down ? 

The radio button is used to store a single value and  multi-select drop-down is to select one or more values from the list of values. 

What is the use of set by default in check box? 

When you select this, the Quixy Platform automatically  takes the default element field value as true.