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How to create External Reference Form Element?

There are two types of External references.

  1. External Drop-down: This is to link External Look ups.
  2. External App reference: This is to link External app data.

External Drop-down (Lookup)

Create External Lookup

  • Login to your Quixy account.
  • You will land on the Dashboard Page.

  • The Dashboard page will have header icons, as shown below.

  • Click on the Admin Menu --> Data Base --> Lookups.

  • The page redirected to Lookups List page.

  • Click on External Lookups tab, the page will redirect to External Lookups List page.

  • Click on the Add button.

  • The page will redirect to Create External Lookup page.

  • Click on the Select Workspace drop-down and select a Workspace from the drop-down.

  • Click on Text box External Lookup Name and enter the name for External lookup.

Without Authorization

  • In Authorization Type select Without Authorization radio button.
  • Click on the URL text field.

  • Enter URL of External lookup and enter optional parameter if exists and click on Test URL Button.

  • You can see a toaster message as URL Tested as shown below.

  • Click on the select element drop-down.

  • Select an element from the drop-down which you want to display in your App as drop-down.

  • Click on the Values drop-down.

  • The drop-down will have values based on the elements selected as shown below.

  • Select a value you want and click on the Save button.

  • Then Success Message lookup Saved Successfully will be display on the screen.

With Authorization (Using External Look Up)

App Creation

  • Click on the Create App icon on the dashboard.

  • The page will redirect to Create App page.

  • In the Name section select the Workspace in which you want to create the App, provide a App Name and Description (Description is not mandatory)
  • Click on the Next button.

  • The page will Redirect to the Form Builder section, you can see the form Elements on the left side of the page
  • You can add multiple sections (Section 1, Section 2, Section 3) in the form builder. you can add the form elements into these sections.

Create Form Builder

In Form Builder, you can see the form elements are in the left side of the page, the form is divided into sections, you can add the elements into sections.

  • Click on the Reference section of the form elements in the form builder.

  • The reference form elements will display as shown below.

  • Drag-and-drop the External Reference from element from the reference section to the builder section.

  • In External form element properties, click on the select category Dropdown.

The drop-down will display two values External Drop Down and External App Reference, select External Drop Down for external lookup.

  • Click on the Field Name text field.

  • Enter a Field name for that External drop down field.

  • Click on the Label Name and enter the label name.

  • Click on the External Drop-down type, and select a required option from the drop-down.

  • Click on the Default Value drop-down, and Select a default value from the drop-down.

  • Click on the Next button.

  • The page will redirect to Workflow Define the workflow step, Business rules, Access Permissions, and publish the app.
  • The app will get created and a success toaster message App Created Successfully will display on the screen.

Add Record to the created app

  • Click on the Add Record option in the custom menu.

  • Select the workspace and click on the App that you created.

  • The app will open in add record mode, click on the Port drop-down filed of the app.

  • List of ports from external lookup created will display in the drop-down as shown below.