Enable Previous & Next

This article will guide you to enable the previous & next option to navigate between the app sections

The Enable Previous & Next option will empower you to traverse between the app sections in the app's add record mode using the previous and next buttons. Users who want to see or contribute records in one section of an app at a time will benefit greatly from this capability.

How to enable Previous & Next?

In the publishing step of the application building process, you will find the Enable PreviousNext option, as shown below.


Simply, check the Enable PreviousNext option and publish the application.

Note: Make sure you have 3 sections in the app for which you are enabling the PreviousNext to see a proper output.

  • Now, open the app in add record mode, you will notice the Previous & Next buttons at the bottom corners of the page, use the buttons to navigate between the app sections, as shown in the GIF below.