Edit a data table

An overview of how to edit a data table

  • Go to the main dashboard and click  Admin Menu > Database > Data Tables.

  • You will land on the Data Tables List page.
  • Choose a data table which you want to edit.
  • Click 3-dot option corresponding to the chosen data table.

  • Select Edit Data Table.

  • You will land on Edit Data Table page.

  • You can edit the data table by renaming it, rearranging the form elements and adding new form  elements.

Note the points:

  1. You cannot change the label names of the existing form elements.
  2. In a data table, for any existing form element, if there are no records and not used in any data function, it can be deleted
  3. Even though a data table has records, new form elements can be added.
  4. The form elements that are newly added to a data table will not update in an existing data function automatically. You need to edit the data function and update it.  
  • Click Update to save the data table.

To get a visual understanding of how to edit a data table in Quixy, refer to the video below.

View, Edit, Delete and Copy