Properties of Dropdown Form Element

The drop-down element field is to select one or more values from a list of values. It has two categories.

  • Drop-down:

This drop-down is to select only one value from the list of values.

  • Multi-select drop-down

This multi-select drop-down is to select one or more values from the list of values.

Drop down-properties

The drop-down has two types of choices.

  • Custom choices - You need to define the list of choices you want to display in the drop-down.
  • Pre-defined choices – These are the pre-defined choices in a Lookup.


In this section below, only the creation of a basic lookup is explained for better understanding. More comprehensive view of creating, editing, deleting a lookup is explained in the other parts of Knowledge Base.

Please refer to those pages later in this Knowledge Base to get more information on lookups.


Setup Basic Lookups

A Lookup is a list of values combined and stored as one list.

Example: City lookup will contain a list of Cities.

                     State lookup will contain a list of States.

                     The country lookup will contain a list of Countries.

  • You can select a lookup to place a list of pre-defined values in any drop-down while creating an application.

Create Lookup

  • Go to the Dashboard and click on the Admin Menu, select the database option and select the Lookups option.

  • Lookups page will open on the screen.
  • Click on the Select Workspace.

  • Select a workspace where you want to create the Lookup, and access the Lookup only through that particular Workspace.
  • Click on the Add Lookup.

  • An Add Lookup pop-up is visible on the screen.
  • Enter the lookup name.

  • Click on the Save button, the lookup type is added to the list and displays a toaster message Lookup type added successfully, and it is visible in the Lookups List.

  • Add the Lookup Values.
  • Click on the Lookup Name to which you want to add the lookup values.

  • You can see a Lookup values page open for that particular Lookup, click on the Add Lookup Value(s).

  • Add Lookup Value(s) pop-up opens, as shown below.

  • Add the Lookup values, as shown below.

  • Click on the Add button to add a new field to the list, as shown below.

  • Click on the Save button to save the values.
  • You can see the lookup values, as shown below.