Calendars in Business Rules

An overview of how to use calendars in business rules

Using calendars in the business rules while building the app, you can produce dates based on a date that's already been entered, and those days will be working days according to the calendar specifications.

Let us take a use case to see how we can use this feature:

In an organization, the sales representatives follow a four step process as given below to sign a customer.

Step 1: Kick-off call (Day 1)

Step 2: Follow Up call (should happen with in 5 days after completing the Kick-off call)

Step 3: Product Demo call (should happen with in 2 days after completing the Follow up call)

Step 4: Deal closure call (should happen with in 5 days after completing the Demo call)

Once they complete a Kick-off call with a customer, they need to maintain the call recordings and track the dates for follow up calls, to do so, they have to submit all the details (about the Kick-off call) through an app, where in that app, when they give the date of the Kick-off call, dates for all the other follow up calls should populate automatically (Based on the condition defined for each step). 

Now, let us create an app to implement this use case.

App Creation 

Let us create an app where in we shall have form elements to capture the customer details (Name & Phone number) and Four date fields (Kick-off call, Follow Up call, Demo call, Deal closure call). 

  • On the dashboard page, click on the Admin Menu > Apps > +Create App.

  • You will land on the Name Step which is the first step in the app creation process. Select the Workspace in which you want to create this app and Provide a Name to the app. Click Next to land on the Form Builder page to build the app's UI.

  • On the Form Builder page, drag-and-drop all the required form element fields (i.e., Text Box, Date, etc) on to the form, as shown below. Click Next to land on the Workflow step.

  • Configure the Workflow and click Next to land on the business rules step.

  • You land on the Business Rules page, in this step we need to use calendars to achieve our goal to auto populate the dates neglecting the holidays. Click on Add Rule button to configure the conditions and its actions in which you can use calendars.

Recall the steps and its conditions that the sales representatives follow based on which you can add conditions on the dates.


Refer to the video below to understand how to use calendars while configuring the business rules.

Calendars in business Rules
  • Follow the same process as shown in the video above to auto-generate the dates for rest of the steps. 
  • To auto-generate a date in Product Demo Call date field the business rule should be configured as shown below.

  • To auto-generate a date in Deal Closure Call date field the business rule should be configured as shown below.

  • After completing the configuration of all the business rules, publish the application.

  • Now, open the newly created app in Add Record mode to see whether you are able to get the dates automatically (Neglecting the holidays) in the rest of the date fields, when you give a date in the Kick off call date field.

  • The dates would auto-generate according to the defined rule and calendar, as shown below.