Add Function

An overview of how to create an Add Function

Add function enables the data table to store the data coming from an application.

Create an Add Function

  • Go to the main Dashboard click on the Admin Menu > Database > Data Tables.

  • You will land on the Data Tables List page.
  • Choose a data table for which you want to create data table functions and click Manage Functions under Actions column.

  • You will land on the Data Table Functions page.

  • Click +Add New Function.

  • You will land on the Add Data Table Function page.

  • Select Add radio button.

  • Give a Name to the data function.
  • Select the Input Elements for which you want to store the data in the data table.
  • Check Ignore Duplicates checkbox, if you want to ignore the duplicate records.

  • Select an element from the Split on Field drop-down to segregate the data of that field (Checklist or multi-select drop-down ) and store it in different rows.

Example:  When you have element fields like multi-select drop-down or checklist in app, and you have selected multiple options (4 options) in those element fields,  while adding data in data table, the 4 options will be stored in 4 separate rows.

  • Click Submit to save the data function.
  • The data function can be seen in the data table function list page.

To get a visual understanding on how the Add function works in Quixy, refer to the video below.

Data functions Part-1