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  • 19 Aug 2022
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Whats New?

New features in the platform

Transformative experiences with Data Source

With our major release 3.0, we are bringing a host of upgrades to the Data sources with all new experience while creating and managing.  

Flexibility & Maintainability: 

You will now have a flexible data source that is also easy to manage, because you can now create an unlimited number of visualizations such as Reports, References, and Views (Listscreen) with useful Static Columns and Business Rules as Add-ons. unlike before. Learn More...

Visual Relations (JOINS) 

Visual representation of the relationship between multiple data tables when joined, similar to an Entity-Relationship diagram providing details at a glance. In addition to the Inner Join, we are now introducing Left Join as well. Learn More...

Introducing Union Clause 

Merge multiple Data Sources with Union clause to build a Super-Data source suited to your business needs. A merged data source will have a significantly larger pool of data than a normal data source. Learn More...

Note: As of now, Quixy will only support Union All clause that potentially combine all the data rows from the selected data sources along with duplicate data.

Static Columns and Business Rules have been separated out as Add-Ons for the data sources, so they no longer interfere with the configuration process. Not every data source needs a Static Column or Business Rule. If needed, you can now add as many as you like them, on top of a data source. 

Manage Apps: Experience the modern UI

The experience of managing apps has been rethought to be functionally rich, modern, and aesthetically pleasing. We have made two major upgrades, namely: 

  1. We've condensed and compacted all the app-related functionalities onto one page, App View Page. You no longer need to look for app-related functions running around the platform. 
  2. App analytics is a new addition that will provide a visual understanding of the number of transactions made in an app periodically. Learn more..

Numerous enhancements in Grid Report

We've made the Grid Report even more user-friendly with some new enhancements. The following are the upgrades: 

  1. Advanced Filters: Similar to List screen’s filters engine, the Grid report now has an improved filtering engine with the most up-to-date UI and functionality. This provision will be available in the mobile version as well.  
  2. Global Search: Similar to List screen’s Global Search, the Grid Report will now have its own dedicated Global Search. Using this global search, you can easily search for specific data that is available in the report. 
  3. You can now even optimize the global search to obtain faster results than ever before. Select the desired columns available in a Grid report on the its set-up page so that the platform will only search through them when looking for requested data. This very functionality is now also available in List screen as well. 
  4. Reset Serial Numbers post data filters: When the original data records are filtered, grouped, or sorted, the serial numbers will now reset to make the data more readable.
  5. Additional provision to standardize the Gird Records Count: From Preferences, you can now pre-define the number of records per page for any Grid (list screen, reports, In-App grid control) at the Organization level. Head over to Preferences -> General -> Default Records Per Page. 

Group Aggregates in List screen 

You can now transform the data in a List screen to your liking by using the Group Aggregates option to perform quick calculations like sum or average on the numeric fields. Just the way we do in a Grid Report.

Dashboard Enhancements 

Previously, when end-users modified a public dashboard, it would convert into a local dashboard for that particular user, losing its public status. Because of this, end-users never got admin-made modifications to the public dashboard thereafter, creating large communication gaps. 

Now, end-users may make a public dashboard their default so they never miss admin-made changes. If they wish to make changes to the public dashboard and save it for personal use, they can make a copy of the public dashboard, alter it, and save it as a local dashboard without affecting the public dashboard. 

Preferred digital assistance for field validation errors

When users encounter a field validation error for the apps with Previous-Next capability, the platform will now instantly notify the field validation errors (If Any) on the current section before navigation to the following section, unlike before. 

So now, instead of wasting time navigating back and forth between the app sections looking for the first validation error field, quickly address the error and move forward.  

Quixy supports Google SSO IDP

Good news for the users using Google SSO as IDP for 3rd party relations, Quixy now supports Google SSO IDP with provider types, Open ID and SAML. Learn More about SSO...

Deeper customization to App Notifications

Adding app data fields to the Email Body of an app notification is already possible in our platform. In addition, you can now attach the app data fields to the Email Subject as well. 

Introducing heightened control over Business validations execution

We believe that business validations provide deeper and broader control in designing an app experience that is tailored to the business process. As of now, the platform supports a Workflow step level execution strategy for Business validation. What if the validations are only valid in certain scenarios and actions? 

We're now adding a new dimension to the behavior of Business validations. You will be able to choose not only a Workflow step but also an Action, giving you and your users even more control over how validations should or should not behave. 

As a result, the app experience was molded to the business process, with superior CX as a result. 

Usage Analytics on Messages exchanged

We are starting our journey towards showcasing Usage analytics with messages exchanged over SMS and WhatsApp channel.  

Head over to the Preference -> Account & Subscription page to view details. 

Launching Chatbot

We are launching Quixy Chatbot for Microsoft Teams. You can now access your apps not just only from Web or Mobile anymore, the on-the-go access is taken a step further with Chatbot.  

Our goal with Chatbot has been to humanize and streamline the interactions between the users and the core services, thereby enhancing the CX multi-fold.  

Have one or more apps that your users use daily or regularly, enable the apps on Chatbot. Your users will be able to access the apps on the go via the enterprise message Channel i.e. Teams. Learn More..

Tech Stack Upgrade 

We have made quite an exciting under the hood change advancing MongoDB from version 4.0 to 4.4. You will be able to experience these elegant improvements in your day-to-day platform usage.

Integrate Quixy with more than 3000 platforms with ease, using Zapier

Integration is key when discussing business transformation and fundamental changes in how you adapt to the market shifts, making everything in IT work together. However, integrations can be challenging to configure in many circumstances, especially when you are new to them and require careful attention when setting one up.

Quixy also offers a variety of integrations that allow it to connect to any third-party platform and push or pull data. Additionally, we have placed our footprint on the Zapier platform, which streamlines the process of integrating 3rd party platforms to Quixy by building a simple workflow to feed data into Quixy.

Learn more about Zapier Integration.

Governance limitation to make a transaction in apps

The platform will now prevent you from submitting a record or initiating a transaction until the app is fully loaded, which includes all data-capture fields in the app as well as any data passed by a triggering app or business rules. While the application is loading, all action buttons such as Submit, Approve, and so on are disabled. Once the app has completely loaded, it will immediately be enabled. This enhancement minimizes the possibility of database discrepancies.

The Quixy icon library now features additional collections of icons.

We are excited to announce that we have added 150+ extra icons to the existing icon library to provide users with more options for choosing icons for apps, custom menu folders, and links.

Configurable Themes

Every organization designs their logo, websites, applications, etc. in which they follow a distinct pattern (i.e., colors, text style, etc.) that symbolizes their firm, to match their unique pattern in Quixy as well, you can now use our new Themes feature to personalize the UI of the Quixy platform.

With themes you can tailor the UI and aesthetics for your Quixy platform, i.e., you can change the platform’s background colors, color of the text, font size of the text, font style of the text and many more, but this is only accessible at organizational level (i.e., only org. Admins can access this feature). Very soon we will provide user level personalization as well.

Facial recognition

In addition to the QR scanner, you can now use the new Facial Recognition feature to fetch the data into an application while adding a record. While the functionality of this feature is similar to those of the QR scanner, its usage is significantly different.

Learn more about How to register and use facial recognition?

Perform task activities based on business hours

You can now make the Quixy platform to perform certain activities like calculating the turnaround time, perform auto execution, calculate deadline time and calculating time to send the task escalations/reminders to a user only in his/her dedicated office working hours using the new feature Task SLAs.

Learn more about How to configure and use Task SLAs feature.

Enhancement in Calculate form element (Formula Function: MinutesDiff)

Previously, the MinutesDiff function used to accept only the time fields to calculate the minutes difference.

Now, we improved the functionality of the MinutesDiff function in the calculate field so that it now accepts the Date/ Date-Time data and calculates the minutes difference between the days.

For example: MinutesDiff (Tomorrow’s date-time – Today's date-time) = 1440 minutes.

The MinutesDiff function will accept only the relevant fields to calculate the minutes difference. I.e., it will accept only Date/Date, Time/Time, Date-time/Date-time, but it will not accept Date/Time or Date-time/Time.

New SAML option to configure Single Sign On (SSO)

Previously, the Quixy platform only supported OIDC authentication to configure SSO; however, it will now also support SAML 2.0 authentication.

Capture Data from Mobile Devices

We have added a new Mobile Devices option under Admin Menu (Preferences). It is now possible for admin users to access the user details who have logged into the Quixy application through a mobile phone.

For example: When a user logs into the Quixy application from their mobile phone, admin users can view details of the mobile device and user along with the battery status of the mobile device, login session info, last login info, latitude/longitude values, etc.

New ‘Open app as a report’ Option

We have added a new Open app as a report option under Data Actions in the list screen. The Organization Admin / Workspace Admin users can configure this option to open an app in read-only mode with data in list screen.

Easier access to Custom Menu Configuration

The custom menu configuration option has been shifted to the Custom Menu area as a Settings icon. The admin user can now click on the settings icon to make changes to the custom menu or configure a new one.

Enhancement in the Form Builder

The app creator can now show or hide the section title in the add record page of an application using the new option called Show Section Title Bar in the Section Properties of a Form Builder.

For example: You can choose whether or not your users can see the section's title. Uncheck the Show Section Title Bar option in a Form Builder's Section Properties if you want to hide the section title bar.

Better Navigation between Sections

You can now switch between sections with the Previous and Next navigation buttons on the app's add record page. This can be done by enabling the Enable Previous Next option in the Publish step of the app creation process.

For example: When adding a record in an application with two sections for capturing information. You can fill out section 1 first, then move on to section 2 by clicking the Next navigation button. If you want to check the information you entered in Section 1, click the Previous navigation button to return to that section.

Offline Mobile Application

You can now use the Quixy mobile app in offline mode. The app will automatically switch from online to offline mode when there is no internet connectivity and users can continue to work offline. This feature is extremely useful when using Quixy for field activities like field surveys, inspections in remote locations with disrupted connectivity. Once the connectivity is restored, the app automatically synchronizes data that is captured offline.

Usability improvements in Task Management 📝

Manage your tasks better by grouping, filtering and sorting them with our improved user interface.
For example: You can now filter/group/sort your tasks by due date, status, workspace, app or a combination of multiple parameters. You can also save these filters for future use.

Configure conditions to your App Notifications 🔔

The app creator will now have the option to configure conditional notifications based on the app data.
For example: If you want to send an app notification(s) with different email content to different recipients based on type or value of the purchase order, you can do so now using this new feature.

3x faster Performance 🔥

Expect to see 3x faster speed while creating the app, publishing it, entering your records or executing a task.

User Interface Improvements

In this enhancement, we've made many significant improvements to the user interface across the Quixy platform to give all our users a better experience when using the platform.

Scheduling option to send automated reports

Users will now have an option to schedule reports on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This feature is now enabled only for Grid Reports.

Location type element in Data Table to store/retrieve location value

Users will now have new Location element in datatable to capture longitude and latitude values.

Users will now be able to pin a position on the map in an application and store its value as longitude and latitude in a data-table. Users can also retrieve the longitude and latitude values from a data-table and display them as a position on a map in an app.

In addition to web application, this feature’s functionality will also reflect in mobile application.

Enhancement in Parallel Workflow

Users can now extend the workflow process to perform parallel tasks and simultaneously connect them to one successive step. Users can also configure sequential or conditional workflow steps under each parallel workflow step, as needed.

Customer controlled PIN – To access customer account by Quixy Customer Success Team

With this enhancement, Quixy customers will now have an option to generate and share a PIN with the Quixy CS team, which will allow the Quixy CS team to access their account without sharing a password for their account to solve issues in their account. This process will ensure the safety and security of the account for Quixy customers.

‘Show Data History’ button is changed as a link

While adding records to an application, the Show Data History button is now changed to a link.

Forgot password option embedded in password update dialogue box

Users will now have an option to choose Forgot Password in the password update dialogue box to update their password, when system insists the users to update their password after 90 days.

Previously, when the system insisted users update their password after 90 days, users had to enter their current password in the Update Password dialogue box. If the user does not remember the current password, there is no option to set a new password. In such cases, the user can click on the ‘forgot password’ link to reset the password.

New Notifications icon added in mobile application

Users will now have a notification icon added in mobile application to see the user comments.

Tech Stack Upgrade

We have upgraded the tech stack from Angular-8 to Angular-9 and also upgraded other supporting tools to ensure we are up-to-date with technologies to improve the user experience.

Configure Date and Time Formats (Organization Level)

This new feature allows the admin of the organization to select various types of Date and Time formats for the organization according to their needs.

The configuration of the Date and Time formats will reflect in applications, reports, list screens and dashboards, etc., where there is a date and time field across the platform.

Previously, the Date and Time formats were fixed to dd-mm-yyyy, and hh:mm respectively.

Barcode Generation in Reports

This new feature allows the users to produce a barcode in reports against a field value.

This barcode inscribed in the report can be scanned by a Quixy app or a 3rd party app to fetch its value.

Right-to-Left Feature (Organization Level)

This new feature allows the users to experience the platform in an enhanced way, where every element aligns from ‘Right-to-Left’ on the screen when RTL is activated.

Previously, the user was only able to see the ‘Left-to-Right’ alignment of the element fields on the screen.

Time Zone Feature (Organization Level)

This feature enhancement allows the organization admin to set the default time zone for their organization in which they function. It applies to all the users in the organization and also to the new users who join the organization.

Time Zone Feature (User Level)
However, the admin user can override the default time zone from the user screen and change it for a particular user according to their time zone.

Configurable Toaster Messages
This new feature allows the organization admin to modify their toaster messages in whichever way they want by customizing its Back-ground color, Font style, Font size, Font color and Position of toaster on the screen. This gives the users a new visualization of toaster messages whenever they modify it. The organization admin can configure the toaster messages as shown below

Quick Print
This feature is enhanced to simplify the process and reduce the time period for creating an application. Previously it was integrated with app builder form but now users can find it in manage apps to customize the print reports.

Online Chat bot
Online chat bot feature is introduced in Quixy Platform. With this feature the users of Quixy platform can directly chat with Quixy Customer Success team for assistance or help during usage of platform features to build applications / solutions or for any trouble shooting. It helps a lot to clarify the queries instantly by Quixy experts and increased turn-around time.Public Dashboard

Administrators create the Dashboard template and save it as a public dashboard and Administrators can give access permissions to particular executives and they can download and use the dashboard.

App Store can download with Help Text Document
Users can download the solution from the app store along with the help text for the solution.

Comments by users/participants in the App
Users can add comments at any step of the workflow with tag users for that workspace. When a response sent by the particular user notification is received to the commented user.

Report Filters UI changes
As of now filters displaying in a popup, now we display the filters on the corner with a dropdown view.

Customized views to be maintained per user in Grid Reports
Users can save the reports view based on his requirements.

Email Notifications with action buttons
User can send Email notification has links with action buttons.

The task is terminated after it crosses due date
If the task due date is over then the task is automatically completed.

Report an Issue by Quixy End-User
When using Quixy application if end users can have any problem then the user can report that issue with details. To report issues in the Quixy header Issues icon is added.

Provided Email Server Sending option at the organization level
We added an email sending option at the organization level.

Report Control added in App Form builder
The report is added in advanced elements of the form builder, so the user is able to add a report as a form element.

Show list screens in search for user
In Global search, Lists are added.
Users can search List screens also along with Apps, Reports, Data tables, Tasks.

MFA/2FA option for user authentication
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security mechanism that requires an individual to provide two or more credentials in order to authenticate their identity.

Security - allow domain for specific IP's only using IP white listing
IP white listing is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access only to trusted users. IP white listing allows you to create a list of trusted IP addresses from which users can access the application.

Expose Datasource as API
A Datasource created in Quixy can be exposed as API, which can be consumed by any third party system to retrieve Datasource records.

Integration with Zapier Webhooks

To enable our Quixy platform partner with other Products/platforms using Zapier Webhooks.

When the user submitted the data in the app, the app is integrated with zapier then the data is stored in the Google spread sheet which is integrated with Quixy.

Organization Settings - UI Enhancements

In the Admin Menu Settings is changed to Preferences. Admin will be able to set the settings for Organizations like enable/disable the custom menu, security settings, etc.

Parallel Workflow (one-level only)

At Present the user is only able to create the conditional workflow where the flow is defined with the help of the condition. We enhanced this feature as the user will be able to create the flow where all the tasks can be performed parallelly at a time.

Release Notes Integration within Quixy Platform

We added "i" icon on the top right corner. When a user clicks on it, a drop menu is displayed with the Whats New and Release Notes.

Password Management

Organization administrator can be able to trigger Reset password link for all his/her organization users.

Audit Log for Admin

To capture and trace each and every action performed in the account with When, Who, Where and what details.

SSO Authentication using Azure AD

We enhance the SSO authentication feature using Azure to our platform. Azure AD securely passes the user credentials via a web browser extension or mobile app. This process enables an administrator to manage user credentials and doesn't require users to remember their password.

SSO Configuration

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication scheme that allows a user to Login with a single ID and password to any of several related, yet independent, software systems.

On Change password kill other Active Browsers

If a user logged in to different web browsers at the same time and user changed password in one browser then log out in the second browser but keep the session active in the browser where it is changed.

Create a Sandbox Account

Sandbox apps displayed Manage Sandbox apps after copying the workspace. A Sandbox is an isolated testing environment that enables users to run programs or execute files without affecting the application, system or platform on which they run. User can edit and test already created apps without harming live apps.

Configuration at organization level to allow multiple login sessions

The Admin can able to give access to multiple sessions at the organization level and User Level.

The Organization admin can able to turn off / turn on user sessions. If Admin turnoff then user can only login to one browser at a time. If the user enables multiple sessions then users can able to login multiple browsers at a time.

Admin can able to give access to specified users to allow login into multiple browsers at the same time.

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