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      A User is any person who has registered on Quixy to work with the platform. Users can also be employees in an organization that is using Quixy to automate their business processes.

      How to create a User?

      • Click on Admin Menu -> Users -> Create User.

      • Once you click on Create User, you will be taken to the user creation page. On the right, a Create User pop-up appears . 

      • Fill in the details required to create an user.

      • While filling out the form, you can either select Auto Generate Password or Create a New Password.


      If you select Auto Generate Password, it is recommended that you copy the generated password and save it in a secure location. When you share the login credentials with the newly created user, you will not be confused about the password.

      • If you are creating a new password, you need to have at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one special character, and one numeric character in the password.

      • At the end of the form, you will find the Enable RTL and Integrate Access options.

      • Enable RTL: It allows the users to experience the platform enhanced where every element on the screen aligns from 'Right-to-Left' when RTL is activated.

      • Integrate Access: It will allow the newly created user to integrate the Quixy platform into a third-party system.


      Enabling RTL for any user will only work when the whole organization is following LTR alignment.

      • Click Create after filling in all the required details to finish creating the user. Click Reset to erase all the entered details at once.

      • You will see all the newly created user on the Users List page under the Pending Users tab

      1. Assigning a Manager: To assign a manager to the newly created user, select the manager from the drop-down list below the Manager column. Then, click the Save button to confirm the manager assignment.

      2. Assign a Role: To assign a role to the user, click the Add button after creating the user.

      3. Verify Email: Click on the email button to confirm the email address. This action will complete the user registration process.

      4. Deactivate User: Clicking this button deactivates the user. To reactivate, click the same button again.


      Users who are newly created or registered on Quixy cannot log in to the platform until they are given a role.

      • All the active users can be seen under the Users tab on the Users List page. 


      In the user profile, alongside standard details like Name, Email, Contact Number, and Gender, organizational admins can freely create and add custom fields to capture any additional essential information specific to their users' needs.

      The additional data collected will be available across the platform for users. Refer to the GIF below. 

      Navigation: Admin Menu -> Users -> Custom User Fields.


      Create multiple Users

      • Admin Menu -> Users -> Users.

      • Find a 3 Dot Menu on the page's top right corner. Click on it. 

      • Select the option that says Create User(s)

      • It will lead you to Create Users page.

      • Within this view, there are three options available: Add, Download Excel, and Upload Excel

      • Selecting Add allows you to create an extra column to manually add users.

      • The Download Excel feature enables you to download a User List in Excel format, complete with column headers. After filling in user details, you can upload the Excel file using the Upload Excel button on the Create Users page, populating all user information into their respective fields.

      • Uploaded users are initially stored in Pending Users. Once roles are assigned and their emails are confirmed, users will be automatically activated on the platform.

      • To finish creating the users, click Save.


      Administrators can use the Export feature to download Organizations' Users data with complete user information. It will be a very handy feature for admins to review user data offline.

      Guest User Access

      Organizations who work with external partners who are not completely involved in achieving their processes but have a role to play. Organizations can opt to add their external partners as Guest Users in their organization providing them with required/limited access to the artifacts such as apps, reports, and views in the account to participate and play their role on daily basis.

      3. Guest User GIF

      Login Type: Administrators can designate users as either Regular Login users or AD Login users or SSO Login user. This enhancement means that when users visit the login page, they'll only see the relevant login method based on their user category. This streamlines the login process, reduces complexity, and provides a clearer path for users to access the platform.

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