Release Notes v3.5, Dated: 16-Sep-2023
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    Release Notes v3.5, Dated: 16-Sep-2023

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      1. Introducing New Payment Gateways

      We've expanded our payment gateway options! Quixy now supports Indian Overseas Bank and State Bank of India gateways, allowing organizations to choose either of these banks as their preferred payment gateway interface (PGI). This enhancement enables organizations to receive payments from a broader audience of users, ensuring secure transactions and seamless integration. Read the article.

      2. Terminate parallel workflow independently

      Citizen developers can now provide the people responsible for executing the parallel workflow steps with the authority to independently terminate the complete flow, restricting the flow moving to the next step, regardless of the actions taken by others involved in the parallel workflow. This will provide greater flexibility and control to the individuals involved in parallel workflows, ensuring they can take decisive actions without being restricted by the decisions of others. It empowers them to streamline the workflow based on their unique circumstances and judgment.


      Scenario: Imagine a team of three colleagues working on a collaborative document editing project. Each colleague has the authority to review and approve a section of the document. Previously, once all three colleagues completed their reviews, the document would automatically move to the next step, regardless of their individual decisions. 

      Enhancement: Now, with the enhanced parallel workflow system, each colleague can independently terminate the entire document editing process if they believe changes are needed before progressing. This means that if any one of the colleagues decides to reject the document, the entire project halts, giving them the authority to ensure the document meets their standards before moving forward. 

      Outcome: This enhancement provides greater control to the colleagues involved in the document editing project. They can take decisive actions to ensure the document aligns with their expectations, without being restricted by the decisions of others. It streamlines the workflow based on their unique circumstances and judgment, guaranteeing that everyone is on the same page before proceeding. 

      2. Parallel Flow GIF

      3. Introducing Guest Accounts: Grant limited access to your organization account

      Organizations now have a perfect solution who work with external partners who are not completely involved in achieving their processes but have a role to play. Organizations can now opt to add their external partners as Guest Users in their organization providing them with required/limited access to the artifacts such as apps, reports, and views in the account to participate and play their role on daily basis. 

      This feature is available as an optional add-on to your existing subscription plan. To avail this feature, please contact sales.

      3. Guest User GIF

      4. Transform data with Low-Code: Craft your own Custom Reports (PDF/HTML)

      Get ready for something new! We're introducing PDF Reports, powered by XSLT & XML scripts, to give your data presentation a fresh twist. Create polished PDF reports effortlessly, elevating the professionalism of your data insights. Utilize XSLT & XML scripts to transform data into appealing reports. Customize layouts to match your preferences, enhancing the appearance of your data.

      Our user-friendly interface simplifies complexity, making it accessible to those familiar with XSLT and XML techniques. Present data clearly with XSLT & XML, converting raw data into visuals that convey a strong narrative. Impress clients, stakeholders, and colleagues with impactful reports, elevating communication.

      Express your creativity and design reports that mirror your unique style. Adapt colors, fonts, and layouts to align with your brand, captivating your audience and making a lasting impact. Please note that some familiarity with XSLT and XML techniques is recommended for optimal use.

      5. Streamlined Login Experience

      Introducing a noteworthy enhancement for organization accounts that guarantees a more straightforward and streamlined login experience. Previously, all users, regardless of their login method, were presented with both User Name and Password login, as well as AD (Active Directory) login options on the login page. This often led to confusion and a less straightforward login process.

      With our latest update, we've eliminated this confusion. We've introduced a categorization option during user creation, allowing administrators to designate users as either "Regular Login" users or "AD Login" users. This enhancement means that when users visit the login page, they'll only see the relevant login method based on their user category. This streamlines the login process, reduces complexity, and provides a clearer path for users to access the platform.

      5. Login Exp

      6. Additional provisions in Branding Preferences for White labelled organizations

      a. If your organization uses the 'White Label' feature, administrators can now control the 'My Profile' settings for all users. This means they can either turn off a user's personal profile entirely or disable specific tabs like 'My Profile,' 'MFA,' 'Integrations,' 'Notifications,' 'Preferences,' and 'Themes.' This helps keep things consistent, secure, and ensures that users have a focused experience. It's a proactive way to maintain alignment and security within your organization.

      b. Organization admins now have the flexibility to enable or disable the WhatsApp notifications across the platform with a simple on/off switch. If org. admins wish to keep this feature active in their account, they can leave it switched on. Conversely, if they prefer to deactivate it, they can simply switch it off.

      6. Branding Options

      7. Introducing Gantt Chart

      Prepare to elevate your project management experience in Quixy with the arrival of Gantt Charts! Gantt Charts offer a visual, intuitive way to plan, track, and manage tasks and projects, making your life in Quixy easier than ever. 

      With Gantt Charts, you can: 

      • Gain a comprehensive view of project timelines. 
      • Easily assign and manage tasks. 
      • Simplify dependency tracking. 
      • Monitor real-time progress. 
      • Optimize resource allocation. 
      • Foster collaboration and communication. 

      Welcome to a new era of project management in Quixy with the introduction of Gantt Charts! 

      Usability enhancements across the platform

      a. Introducing Natural Sorting in Grid Reports and List Views! Previously, our regular sorting method sometimes fell short in providing the right sorting experience for alpha-numeric data. But with Quixy's latest update, we've addressed this challenge.

      Now, with Quixy's latest update, you have the power to configure your data tables by enabling Natural Sorting at the field level such as text, auto-generated content, email addresses, calculated strings, or connected records. This feature ensures that your alpha-numeric data is presented in a seamlessly sorted manner, eliminating any confusion or jumbled appearance.

      b. We've made several modifications and additions to the date field filtering conditions in Reports & Views. These modifications include renaming 'No of Days ago' to 'Last ‘N’ Days' and renaming 'No of Days from now' to 'Next ‘N’ Days'. We've also introduced two new conditions: 'Occurs Before' and 'Happens After'. Here's what these four conditions do:

      Last ‘N’ DaysThis option displays records from a specific number of past days. For example, if today's date is 21/04 and you set the filter to 2 days, it will show records from 19/04 to 21/04.
      Next ‘N’ DaysThis condition shows records that are a certain number of days from today. If today's date is 21/04 and you set the filter to 2 days, it will show records from 21/04 to 23/04.
      Occurs BeforeThis condition displays records that match the criteria of being before a specified number of days ago. For example, if today's date is 21/04 and you set the filter to 2 days, it will show records before 19/04.
      Happens AfterThis option shows records that match the criteria of being a certain number of days from the current date. For instance, if today's date is 21/04 and you set the filter to 2 days, it will show records after 23/04.

      These changes enhance the functionality of date filtering, providing more specific and meaningful ways to refine your reports and views.


      c. We've introduced a subtle enhancement to our Snap2App feature in app builder. Now, when you upload an image of an external form, the system will intelligently detect the width of each form element. This detection determines the optimal cell occupancy for each element within the resulting Quixy form. This enhancement preserves the original layout and structure of the form, streamlining the form creation process and ensuring precise alignment.

      d. Be flexible with your email service setup. Now, when configuring your email service, you have the choice to include or skip the User ID and Password fields according to your preferences. This means you can seamlessly set up your email service for outgoing messages with the level of authentication you desire. Your email setup, your way.

      U-d GIF

      e. Enhance your chart reports with an extended color pool, now totaling 20 colors. Leveraging the 12 additional colors added to the existing 8 in Themes, this enhancement ensures more detailed and impactful visualizations in your chart reports.

      f. We've bolstered security on the Forgot Password page with Captcha. This user-friendly feature safeguards your account against automated bots, ensuring a secure and smooth password reset process. Your security is our priority at Quixy.

      HINT: Enable Captcha in Admin Menu -> Preferences -> General.


      Minor Fixes

      a. We've enhanced the platform's drop-down behavior, addressing inconsistent search methods and sorting issues. Now, users will experience more predictable searches with 'contains' as the default behavior, and uniform ascending order across drop-downs. This adjustment ensures smoother and more user-friendly interaction throughout the platform.

      b. Grid headers now remain frozen/stay fixed when scrolling within dashboard dashlets, providing consistent and improved navigation for grid reports, pivot reports, list views, and tasks in both Web and Mobile apps.

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