Release Notes v3.1, Dated: 30-Sep-2022
  • 30 Sep 2022
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    Release Notes v3.1, Dated: 30-Sep-2022

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      Platform Improvements

      1. Minor tweaks in the Guest App and Embed App

      1.1. Show or hide the RTL switch on the public apps

      Admins can now on-demand choose to enable the RTL switch for the Guest app or Embed app on the app publish page using the “Show LTR/RTL” option. This enables end-user to switch the app alignment from LTR to RTL and vice-versa to their convenience.

      The "Show RTL/LTR" option appears on the app publish page if the app-builder activates either the Guest app via workflow (Role: any user) or the Embed app on the app publish page.

      1 RTL LTR gif

      1.2. Captcha verification in Guest Records is now  optional 

      Present-day businesses demand flexibility, so we made the captcha verification for Guest Records optional. However, it will be enabled by default, and app builders can choose to alter it. 

      Captcha GIF

      2. Dashboard Enhancements 

      2.1. Know the list screen records count from the dashboard 

      The number of records available in a list screen can now be determined directly from the dashboard. Under the Count dashboard category, a new List screen option is now available.

      Assume a user keeps a List screen to record purchase orders and monitors the numbers regularly. With this feature, the user may monitor the number of POs added directly from the dashboard, saving significant time.

      Listscreen Records Count GIF

      2.2. Position of dashboard's edit and refresh buttons aligned to left

      You will now find the edit and refresh button beside the dashboard name.  

      Prior to change3.2 Dashboard Refresh & Edit  Now

      Now3.2 Dashboard Refresh & Edit Prior

      2.3. Duplicate your dashlets 

      You can now duplicate a dashlet to make a replica and personalize it to your specifications. 

      3.3 Duplicate Dashlet GIF

      3. Workspace filters to remain intact across the platform unless changed 

      Unlike before, workspace filters established in the Data table list page, Manage Apps list page, and other list pages across the platform will remain intact when dealing with filtered data (like, navigating from the list page to the next screen and comes back) unless modified.

      4. Filters/Sort to remain intact on platform list pages 

      Regardless of the actions performed on the filtered data, the filters/sort applied on list pages such as data table, data source, view (list screen), workspace, and so on will now remain intact until modified or terminated.

      5. A search box planted in the User Menu 

      Use the new search bar in the User Menu to quickly type in the initials and jump to access the desired folders/links (apps, reports, or list screens).

      4 User Menu Search Box GIF

      6. My profile section got a permanent integrations tab for everyone 

      Previously, only users with integration access could see the Integrations Tab in the My Profile section; for others, it was hidden. We now made the Integration tab mandatory to avoid confusion.

      Like before, only users with integration access can produce and manage security key details. However, users without integration access can request the admin for access to generate a security key and integrate with 3rd party platforms.

      5 Integrations tab in My Profile GIF

      7. Experience the new behavioral changes in the app Action Buttons functionality  

      With this release, the app action buttons will behave differently when you are making a transaction in an app. Now, the action buttons will be disabled soon after the first interaction. This will restrict users from clicking on the action buttons more than once, which would cause the app to submit multiple times.

      6 Action Buttons Disable GIF

      8. Global Search is under maintenance 

      The Global Search option, typically located among the header icons, is neither well-rounded nor uniform in its functioning. So, we put it on hold for the time being to go back and adjust some screws and bolts. We assure you it will be in fine shape when we restore it.


      9. Streamlined the accessibility of draft data in tasks 

      Unlike before, data saved as a draft while processing a task is now easily retrievable. When you open a task, you will see the task opening with the ‘draft data’ and an option to switch to the original state of the task, and vice-versa.

      8 Draft data in Tasks GIF

      10. Navigate to a list screen directly from any app using Quickflows

      You can now easily navigate to the desired list screen soon after completing a transaction in an app using Quickflow’s new Open List screen option.

      10 Quickflow Listacreen

      11. Introduced new provision ‘Session Idle Time’ in Session Preferences

      Multiple Sessions have been renamed as Sessions, and a new provision, ‘Session Idle Time’, has been added to set the session's optimal time. Admins can now select the optimal platform session time in minutes for all users at an organization or for specific users, which will auto-logout users from the platform if it is left unattended for the specified number of minutes. This ensures account security and deters data poachers.

      11 Sessions GIF

      12. Minor improvements in Pivot, Grid, and Document Reports

      12.1. Mail sharing option to have PDF and Excel formats 

      You can now choose to share the Grid, and Pivot reports in PDF or Excel when sharing through email.

      12 Grid or Pivot Mail PDF Formats GIF

      12.2. File sharing options to adhere to PDF settings defined on Grid/Pivot report setup pages 

      The Grid/Pivot report’s sharing channels, such as WhatsApp and Email, will now adhere to the PDF settings specified in the reports' setup pages.

      12.3. Send the document report as a PDF through Email

      The long awaited provision is here. Now, send your document reports as a PDF through Email.  

      27 Document Report GIF

      13. Export List view/Report: Downloaded file names to have date and time as suffix 

      When exporting the data from the List view or Report, the downloaded file names will now have date and time as a suffix. This will be a life saviour for many users who search and export the data to the needs of daily operations.

      15 Lists Dates in Excel Export GIF

      14. Notification logs to have App and Workspace filters as new additions 

      It's easier now to fetch the desired notification logs to check their status. The new App and Workspace filters added to the Notifications log page will provide depth to the search.16 Notification Logs

      15. App’s Quick Edit transformed as Quick Rules Editor 

      We decided to retain only the business rules in the app's quick editor because each rule is standalone, unlike the other steps that may be modified on the go. The rest of the app management has become so easy with release 3.0 that you no longer require quick editing to conduct app modifications.

      Prior to change

      17 Quick Edit P1 GIF


      17 Quick Edit P2 GIF

      16. App trigger & integration events to maintain logs

      The platform is enhanced to show the history of all triggers & integrations initiated by an application. This will help the admins/citizen developers to track and verify the status of each trigger or integration activity called out from the application.

      19 Trigger Integration Logs GIF

      17. Show engaging messages while the app loads  

      Complex apps with heavy business logic and data connections take a few moments to open fully. Break the monotony with more informative and helpful text for your users to consume while they wait for the app to open.
      Head over to Publish page, enable the Application loader message option and type in the text you wish to display to your users.

      21 App Submission

      18. Adjust your profile image 

      Adjust and set your profile images right with the new image crop option. No more uneven faces!

      22 Profile Image adjuster GIF

      19. Tech Enhancements 

      We've made quite a few interesting under-the-hood enhancements to reduce your time submitting records in an app significantly. So now, no more waiting! Submit a record in an app on the go and move on with other activities. The platform will handle the rest of the events associated with an app, such as triggers, integrations, notifications, task creation/completion, and webhook calls in a queue as a background process.

      20. UI/UX Enhancements  

      20.1. Tasks page to be aesthetically pleasing and minimal 

      Before25 Tasks UI UX before

      After 25 Tasks UI UX After GIF

      20.2. Grids to have a finite look and feel with highlighted groupings 


      25 Grid Group Highlights Before GIF

      After 25 Grid Group Highlights After GIF

      21. Delete certain items by confirming their names

      To delete either an app or app data or data table records or the data table itself, admins must now enter the name of the individual item as a double confirmation before deleting them permanently.

      26 Delete Data table GIF

      22. Use URLs to pass data into an app 

      Now empower your users to get started with Apps by making the experience more contextual for them. Introducing support for Query Parameters, just add the field and corresponding value to the end of the App URL.


      If you wish your vendors to have certain values pre-selected such as Quantity, Product variety, Delivery location etc, just add them as parameters to the App URL before sharing.

      Sample Link: Type=Improvement&issue_id=QXY-12345

      URL GIF

      23. Task Archive

      The platform will now archive the completed tasks older than 90 days to optimize task management screen performance. This will increase the users' productivity by moving the focus to incomplete tasks. You can view archived tasks in Archived My Tasks and team tasks in Archived My Team Tasks.

      29 Task Archives

      24. Reassign tasks on the go

      Now, use the Reassign button when performing a task to reallocate a task to the appropriate individual if the original plan for its completion changes suddenly.30 Reassign Tasks GIF

      25. New additions in the Manage Apps space 

      25.1. The app summary page got a new Copy App option 

      Are you mystified by the lack of a Copy App option on the app summary page? Don't worry; it's now available in the app's menu bar. This helps the citizen developers clone an app and modify the app with necessary changes to create a new one instead of creating one from scratch.31 Copy App

      25.2. Expect more from Recent Apps 

      Previously, the Recent Apps section on Manage Apps only showed Published or Updated apps. Whereas now, any modification to an app, such as Version Restored, User Manual (Published or Updated), Data cleared, Events (New or Updated), will be stacked in the Recent Apps section.  

      25.3. App’s Quick Actions to have the Add Record option  

      Previously, the Add Record option could only be found on the App Summary page. However, the Add Record option will now be available in the App's Quick Actions, making it easier for users to initiate a transaction in an app.31 Copy App(1)

      25.4. Workspace to feed app count 

      You can now see the count for the number of apps available in a workspace corresponding to the workspace name. The system automatically shows ‘no. of apps filtered’ or ‘total apps in a workspace’. Finally, put an end to manual counting.

      31 Workspace Apps Count

      26. Data Sync now supports the GET method

      The Data Sync functionality will now support the GET and POST methods. So, it’s easier now to pull data into the Quixy database using the 3rd party APIs using either the GET or POST method.

      32 Data Sync

      27. Choose the grid fields to be displayed in the mobile app

      Despite the number of grid fields available in an app in the platform's web version, the mobile version allows only three when submitting a record. Previously, the platform auto-selected the three grid fields, and now, app creators can select these fields manually.

      App creators can select the three grid fields on the form builder page to be presented in the mobile app.

      33 Show Grid Fields

      28. Impose limitations on the multi-select drop-down  

      When interacting with a multi-select drop-down in an app, app creators can now restrict the user to only selecting a certain number of options. 

      On the form builder page, app creators can limit the values that app users can select to Any (Default), Exact, Minimum, and Maximum.

      34 Multi Select

      29. Extract relevant information from legal documents automatically  

      A Document Parser element is added to the Advanced Form Elements section. It's easier and more reliable to acquire Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and Passport info into an app.

      Admins can set Document Parser element properties while creating an app. Users can scan or upload a legal document to obtain the info.

      34 Multi Select

      30. Calculate & Location form fields got a new validation property 

      Previously, the Calculate and Location form fields lacked the 'Required Field' validation property. These fields are expected to be required in a few instances.

      As a result, these fields have been upgraded with a new validation property, namely 'Required Field,' which citizen developers can use based on the business use case.

      38 Calculate & Location RF GIF

      31. Restrict users to upload limited files

      Citizen developers can now limit the number of files that users can submit in the File Upload field. The File Upload control properties now include a new property where citizen developers can specify the actual.

      39 File Upload Limitation

      32. A refresh option is planted in Grid/Pivot/Chart

      Users can now refresh report data by clicking the 'Refresh' icon without having to navigate to filters or reload the report.40 Refresh in Grid Pivot Chart

      33. White-label Quixy to suit your branding needs and much more! (Enterprise Plan only)

      Organizations with enterprise plans can now demand Quixy's Branding capability. Admins can manually choose to turn on/off the Powered By Quixy logo in Admin Menu -> Preferences -> Branding.

      What’s more!!!

      1. Choose to show/hide the Help header icon to your users
      2. Choose to show/hide the My Activates option in My Profile to your users
      3. Choose your loading symbols 

      Branding Options GIF

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