Release Notes v2.9, Dated:19-Oct-2021
  • 27 Mar 2023
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    Release Notes v2.9, Dated:19-Oct-2021

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      Modern & Minimalist UI 

      You will now find the overall experience on the platform to be aesthetic yet simple. Minimalism has been the mantra behind these subtle yet sophisticated changes. We are confident that you will appreciate these changes.  

      We strongly advise you to check out the enhanced UI as soon as you log in to Quixy, so you can see for yourself how wonderful it has become. 

      The platform's overall appearance (i.e., colors) is now smooth and effective; for example, have a look at our dashboard; doesn't it look smooth? 

      Here is a sneak peek into the UI improvements across the board: 

      24 UI GIF

      Platform Improvements

      Export Users' list

      For Administrators, we introduced an Export feature to download Organizations' user data with complete user information. We believe it to be a very handy feature for Admins to review user data offline. 

      Information such as credentials is not included in the user data (like passwords).

      Location feature just got better

      In the past, when a user captured a location from any app, the platform saved the coordinates (latitude & longitude) into the data repository. Coordinates information did not seem too readable for regular users which added to cognitive load.

      Prior to the change



      Determined to close this gap, we have enriched the platform to include the full address of the location (in addition to just the location coordinates). 

      With this enhancement, now you have the option to pull the latitude & longitude or address or both as per the business use case needs.

      Pivot Report: Introducing long-awaited Arithmetic operations

      We all agree that Pivot has the power to transform the data in ways beyond imagination. Additionally, no one can deny the visibility of a Pivot report to business information with its elegance to demystify complex data.  

      We are providing additional tools to you in the form of Calculate Field. This feature will empower every one of you to perform numerous arithmetic operations involving multiple columns (including column aggregates) without breaking a sweat.  

      With Calculate Field, you can create your custom field to store and leverage the output data that results from arithmetic operations on one or more existing fields. 

      Calculate fields can be created while configuring the rows and columns in the Pivot report. 

      32 CF GIF

      To ensure superior data governance, we have limited the record's visibility to 100 (in the default view) in the Create / Edit Pivot report mode.  Nevertheless, you will be able to view max. 2000 records in the Report viewer mode to experience the report with sample top 100 or 2000 records. You may always use filters to drill down and get the desired data in reports.

      Dashboards Customization: New List Screen option in Shortcuts Category 

      Design dashboards with appropriate reports, app shortcuts, and list screens according to your preferences. We have introduced a new provision to place Listscreen as a Shortcut in addition to everything else you've had. 

      27 Short list GIF

      Tasks: Manage your day the way you intend to

      We understand that it may sometimes get cumbersome for you to manually filter and manage tasks. Even more frustrating would be when you wish to filter and prioritize only a certain set of high business value tasks. 

      Now you can filter your tasks with “Is-Not” and “Is-Not-Any” in addition to “Is” and “Is-any”. 

      Is-Not: Use this option to filter the unwanted tasks based on one parameter/value. Ex: Show all tasks except status NOT ‘Completed’ 

      Is-Not-Any: Use this option to filter the unwanted tasks based on multiple parameters/values. Ex: Show all tasks except status NOT ‘Completed or In Progress or …’

      Manage Your Billings

      We have provided an intuitive way to manage billing in the Accounts & Subscription section. This will assist you to manage your renewal payments effectively.  

      Grid Report: Distinct Group aggregates

      Previously, we only had a provision, to sum up, the numeric values in a column, which limited the number of arithmetic operations we could perform on the data and the precision with which we could obtain the desired results. 

      Now, we have introduced Group Aggregates and Show Aggregates Title options to enable you with more arithmetic supremacy than just Summation (Sum).

      The “All-Reports” page is now much more informative

      In the past, on the All-Reports page, we could only see the Report Name and Report Type. You would not have any clue about the critical piece of info such as Workspace or Data source this report is associated with.  

      We have added Workspace and Datasource columns to the All-Reports Page.

      Data sources that belong to more than one workspace would have their workspace names separated by commas (for example Workspace 1, Workspace 2, etc.).

      Required Fields now have its unique identity

      Required fields at the App or data table level had no power to influence how data functions or triggers were designed and deployed.  

      Previously, if a form element field in the app or data table was designated as a required field, you had the flexibility of mapping the non-required field in a data function or trigger. 

      After a second look, we decided to stop because it undermines the credibility of the required fields. This means that going forward if you define a form element field as required, it will be mandatory to map it with the required fields while creating the data functions or triggers. 

      Word of Caution: If you have designed an app or data table where an element is marked as required and then leveraged the same field to configure a trigger or data function, you will be restricted from marking the same field optional.  

      For Example: 

      The enhancement now makes it mandatory that you map the required field in the destination app from the required fields in the source app if you define a form element field as "required" in the destination app. 

      Also, the same guideline applies to data tables: when creating data functions for data tables with required fields, make sure to map the required fields to the appropriate values in the functions. 

      Embed App: Flexibility and Accessibility with Change view option

      Embed app feature enables businesses such as yours’ to create apps for Anonymous access where anyone outside the Quixy platform will be able to access the form/app.  

      We have heard from you, and we are now proud to offer an option to enable RTL or LTR (Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right) for your non-business users at their will and convenience. This option would ensure inclusivity and platform accessibility for all types of users. 

      This capability comes in handy when you have users from several locations visiting the embed app at the same time. The same app may then serve both users' behavior and toggle their experience. 

       28 EA GIF 

      Task Escalations/Reminders: Notifications Governance 

      Continuous reminders, an overwhelming number of escalation messages, and constant digital nudging are counterintuitive to your efforts of improving productivity for your users.  

      How do we ensure your users are empowered and informed without going for an overkill?  

      Based on various proven scientific studies, we have now enforced a limit of 20 Reminders and 5 Escalations notifications per task to any of your users. This would help you to harness higher productivity from your users while still maintaining a delightful experience for them. 

      Learn more about How to configure Task Escalations/Reminders.

      Advancement in Quickflows

      We have added Self as an additional option in Open In options for Quickflow types “Open App Add Record” and “Open App as Report”. It's a lifesaver if you want to open an app or report right on the current screen. 

      “Self” option can only be used once per workflow step action/activity.

      APIs: We have Streamlined our authorization process

      Previously, the authentication step to consume Quixy APIs was cumbersome. We removed all the extraneous information and condensed it to a single API URL with the key in Query params to streamline things. 

      You can now simply provide the API URL tailing it with the Secret Key to any 3rd party to get the access token. 

      Learn more about How the authorization works...

      Mobile Improvements

      QR Code/Bar Code scanning goes Offline

      For our on-the-go users who are always on the go and in regions where network connectivity is an issue, we are adding offline features for QR or Bar code scanning to our Android and iOS mobile apps since we introduced offline mode for our app. 

      This feature will be helpful for the users who indulge in field activities such as surveys and inspections. Users will be able to capture the QR or Bar code in low network connectivity areas and push the data when the network is stable. 

      Data table: E-Sign can be stored in the data table's file upload element

      This functionality is currently available in our web apps, to maintain consistency, now it will be available in our mobile apps as well. 

      Calendars and clocks will be available in the Date and Time fields

      It has become commonplace in the software industry to have calendars and clocks built into app and form designs, but we took a more traditional approach by using dropdowns in data table reference input elements, which are less user-friendly. From now on, you will be able to advance the UI when selecting a date or an hour by using Calendars, Clocks, or Both. 


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