Release Notes v2.7, Dated: 31-July-2021
  • 27 Mar 2023
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    Release Notes v2.7, Dated: 31-July-2021

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      New Features

      Configurable Themes 

      Every organization designs their logo, websites, applications, etc. in which they follow a distinct pattern (i.e., colors, text style, etc.) that symbolizes their firm, to match their unique pattern in Quixy as well, you can now use our new Themes feature to personalize the UI of the Quixy platform. 

      With themes you can tailor the UI and aesthetics for your Quixy platform, i.e., you can change the platform’s background colors, color of the text, font size of the text, font style of the text and many more, but this is only accessible at organizational level (i.e., only org. Admins can access this feature). Very soon we will provide user level personalization as well. 

      Organization admin can access the themes feature from Admin Menu > Preferences > Themes. 

      This is a paid feature and will not be provided with the base license subscription, you need to pay and opt it as an add-on service in addition to the base license subscription. For more details to opt this add-on, contact sales ([email protected])

      Facial recognition

      In addition to the QR scanner, you can now use the new Facial Recognition feature to fetch the data into an application while adding a record. While the functionality of this feature is similar to those of the QR scanner, its usage is significantly different.   

      Learn more about How to register and use facial recognition?

      Perform task activities based on business hours 

      You can now make the Quixy platform to perform certain activities like calculating the turnaround time, perform auto execution, calculate deadline time and calculating time to send the task escalations/reminders to a user only in his/her dedicated office working hours using the new feature Task SLAs

      Learn more about How to configure and use Task SLAs feature.

      Improvements in Web Application

      Enhancements in External App Reference 

      When retrieving data from a 3rd party database into an application in Quixy using External App Reference, you will now have new additional provisions while configuration and usage: 

      1. You can now take multiple input fields with cascading (in-related with each other), and on the app’s Add Record page, these input fields will now act as drop-down fields.
        For example: You want to get the covid data from a 3rd party database like the number of people affected with covid vs. the number of people cured in different countries of the world. You can take the first input field as a continent, the second input field as a country (You will see all the countries according to the selected continent), third input field as a state (You will see all the states according to the selected country) and so on. Here each input field is co-related to each other. This co-relation is called cascading. 

       In an app, the input fields would display as a drop-down field, as shown below.

      1. You can now get the output data as single values as well as a Grid (Table). 

      Custom toaster messages


      We didn't have any provision to customize the toaster message that used to display when a record was submitted in an application. We were able to see only a platform default toaster message, as shown below.


      You will now have provision to customize the toaster message that displays after submitting a record in the app to complete a workflow step.

      Once a record is submitted in the app, the toaster message would display, as shown below. 

      Create recurring tasks

      You can now create a recurring task for a role or a user in your organization that can be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. 

      You can use this feature to create recurring tasks for monthly review meetings, yearly audits, daily inspections, etc.

      Use calendars in business rules

      You can now use calendars in business rules to add or subtract only working days (Excluding non-working days like holidays).

      For Example:  

      If a purchase order's created date is 16/07/21 (Friday), it is supposed to be approved with in 3 working days. Now, you can use calendars in business rules to add only the 3 working days and derive the approval due date as 21/07/21. (Wednesday), which is a working day (excluding holidays 17/07/21 (Sat) & 18/07/21 (Sun)).   

      Learn more on How to use calendars in business rules...

      Enhancement in business rules for File Upload element

      You can now apply condition on File Upload element in business rules to compare it to be Empty or Not Empty. With this now, you can perform conditional actions in an application when the file upload field is empty or not empty.

      Export option for app data reports

      Previously, we didn't have any provision to export app data reports. Now, you can export the app data reports in an excel format.

      New option to test email configuration 

      You can now test the Email configuration by sending a test mail to your email ID.  

      With this, the admin users can now verify whether the configured email settings are working as expected either before or after saving the settings. This testing process helps to ensure that the configured email settings are correct and functional. 

      Option to duplicate the App Data Functions

      You can now make an exact copy of the existing app data function using the copy option.  

      This feature will be quite useful when app-builders need comparable app-data-functions with small changes, they can clone the app-data-functions and edit the cloned one according to the business requirements rather than having to create them from scratch. This leads to increased efficiency. 

      A confirm prompt when leaving the current page

      The Quixy platform will throw a warning prompt asking your permission to leave the current page or not if you press any unwanted button while working on the current page across the platform. 

      For Example: If you are creating a Data Source and suddenly clicked some unwanted button (Ex: Org. logo), the platform will show a warning prompt, as shown in the picture below. 

      Set task deadlines dynamically using app data

      Previously, we had provision to set the task deadline dynamically using app data for Auto-Execute-Type: Terminate & Action.

      From now on, you will have provision to set the task deadline dynamically using app data for Auto-Execute-Type: None as well. 

      Refer to the image below to understand the configuration.   

      Enhancement in triggers

      Trigger type: Create Task 

      Previously, when a task is generated to the destination app from the source app, the task message used to miss the three ideal data fields that should display along with it.

      From now, the task message would display along with the three ideal data fields, as shown in the image below.

      These three field are the fields that are selected while publishing the destination app, as shown below.

      The three data fields in the task would display data along with the task message only when some data is passed into these fields from the source app. 

      Trigger type: Submit Add Record

      From now on, the default values that are pre-defined for any form element field in the destination app will get fetched and submitted automatically, if no values are passed through mapping into these fields from the source app to over-ride their default values.

      “Help Text” property provided for output reference elements

      Previously, Help Text property was not available for output reference elements. Now, it will be available for all the form elements referred onto an app using data table reference/data source reference.  

      Improvements in Mobile app 

      Enhancement in dashboard’s dashlets

      Dashlets on the mobile app’s dashboard will reflect all the background colors, background image, and text color the same way it is configured on the web. 

      Switch between app sections on app’s add record page

      Check the Enable Previous Next option while publishing an app, as shown below. 

      This will allow you to switch between the multiple sections of the app using the Next & Previous buttons, as shown below. 

      New Authentication types in External App References and External APIs

      New authentication types used to configure External App References and External APIs in web will now work in mobile app as well. 

      Learn more about New Authentication Types in External App References and External APIs...

      Provision to disable the delete button for grid records conditionally in apps

      Previously, we have given this provision in web to disable delete button for the grid records in an app using business rules (conditionally).  

      Now this functionality will now reflect in mobile app as well.  


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