Manage Organization Settings (General)
  • 08 Sep 2022
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Manage Organization Settings (General)

An overview of Preferences (General)

To get an idea of all the preferences that you can set for your organization, refer to the image below.

Organization logo

You can upload a company logo and have it appear in the top left corner of the Quixy app at all times. (The logo's ideal dimensions are 190 px x 40 px and under 1 MB.) Files in the JPG, PNG, and GIF formats are acceptable.)

Task Completion Redirection

You can choose one of four alternatives (Dialog Popup, Dashboard, Next Task, View Data) for the page to which you wish to be forwarded after completing a task from the tasks page.

Element Control Style

Fields where you enter data can be customized by defining their shape.

Refer to the images below to get a better understanding.


You can see horizontal lines.



You will see boxes.


Time Zone

This is to set a timezone for your organization. All the date and time fields across the platform will follow it and the Emails, SMS which are scheduled to send on weekly, monthly, and daily will follow the same timezone. 

Date Format

You can select the format of the date which will fit your organization.

Time Format 

You can select the format of the time which will fit your organization.

User Registration

Turning this on will allow users to sign up from your organization login page.

The signup option would display on the top-right corner on the login page, as shown below.

Enable RTL

Turning this on will enable RTL for newly created users in your organization.

What is RTL?

By default users will see the LTR alignment. This feature allows the users to experience the platform in an enhanced way where every element aligns from ‘Right-to-Left’ on the screen when RTL is activated. By default, users will be able to see the ‘Left-to-Right’ alignment of the element fields on the screen.


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