Offline Mobile App
  • 26 Oct 2022
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Offline Mobile App

Available Offline option in App Creation (Publish Step)

Admin Users can now select the Available Offline option in the publishing step of the app creation process to access the mobile app in offline mode (without internet access).

Available offline option in the publish step will enable only if the app does not have Data table Reference function: Cascade or anyone, Data source reference, External app reference, Date Range, and report in the app.

Mobile mode switch from Online to Offline and Offline Dashboard

In this module, users will be able to choose and download the apps published as offline apps. Quixy mobile app will save these downloaded apps in the offline apps section. When the user loses internet connection on his/her mobile phone, the Quixy mobile App will switch automatically to the offline mode from online mode.

The Quixy App will redirect the current page to an offline dashboard page automatically where the users will see the offline summary, as shown in the image below.

In the Menu option of the offline dashboard, users will find

1. The offline apps.

2. Offline Initiated option (Users can find the offline app data)

3. Offline Drafts option (Users can find the draft records)

4. App Add Record page, as shown in the image below.

Users can initiate and submit records to offline apps any number of times before synchronizing the offline data. Users can also edit the submitted record from draft apps before synchronizing the offline data.

Mobile mode switch from Offline to Online

In this module, when the user's mobile connects to the internet again, the Quixy mobile App will automatically switch to the online mode from offline mode. It will redirect the current page to a screen where users can see the offline data synchronizing to the cloud.

When the offline data is synchronizing to the cloud, users cannot perform any actions on the Quixy application.

Once the synchronizing completes, the Quixy mobile app will summarize the synced data, as shown in the image below.

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