In-app conversations (Comments)
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    In-app conversations (Comments)

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      An overview of how to add comments by mentioning a team member while adding a record in an application

      CDs can add comments in an application by tagging a person who belongs to that workspace in which the app is created after submitting a record in the application to get a solution from the tagged person. The tagged person will get a notification from the app where the user was tagged.

      CDs now have total control over comments at three levels: Organizational, Workspace, and App. By default, comments are ON at the Organizational level, but you can now turn them off if you prefer.

      Additionally, you can choose Workspace-level control or tailor comments for specific apps, providing easy and flexible management options for your comments.

      How do I add a comment in an app?

      • Go to User Profile and click on the My Activities.
      • You will land on my activities page.
      • You will find 4 options on my activities page.
        • Initiated: You can view the records initiated by you from an app.
        • Participated: You can view the status of the records from the apps that you are part of.
        • Requests: You can view the status of the tasks requested by you.
        • Drafts: You can view the status of the records from the apps that you are part of.
      • In Initiated, you should select the workspace and app from which you have initiated the record.
      • You can see the submitted record in the grid.
      • Click on the eye icon to view the record.
      • The record will open as an app with the data in read-only mode.
      • You will see a notification icon on the top right corner of the page.
      • Click on the notification icon to add comments.
      • A comments pop-up will open on the screen.
      • Users can enter @ in the comment section to see all the users present in that workspace.
      • Users can select the Email ID of the person to tag that person in the comment and add a comment.
      • Click on the Send button.
      • The comment will be added in the Comments Section.

      If you add a comment without tagging any person in the workspace, no notification will be triggered to any person in that workspace.

      • A notification will be sent to the person to whom you tagged.
      • The tagged person can click on the notification to see the app’s record in which he/she was tagged. 

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