Create a data table using excel
  • 16 May 2023
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    Create a data table using excel

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      Apart from the traditional process of creating a data table (manual process of creating a data table), a DT can be created by simply uploading any Excel file containing data of your choice, and the platform will automatically detect the data fields and provide a preview of it. Refine your fields, create your data table, and even import the data.

      • On Quixy dashboard page, click Admin Menu-> Database -> Create Data Table.

      • Select Create using Excel -> Next.

      • Further, use the Upload Excel button to upload an excel of your choise, and click on Next to process the excel.
      • Platform will ask you if you like to import the data available in the uploaded excel, select your choice. 
      • Platform will process the excel and provide you with the preview pop-up of the recognised data fields from the excel.
      • In the preview pop-up, you can make adjustments to the recognized data fields to ensure that they are correctly aligned with the data in the uploaded Excel file.
      • Once the upload is the successful, click Next to proceed to the data table configuration page. 

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