• 12 Feb 2024
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      Roles are generally referred to as the designations of the employees in an organization. On the Quixy platform, users play their part according to the roles assigned to them.

      We know that employees in any organization can apply for leaves and they will be approved by their managers and finally by their HR. So, here, the users who are all given the employee role will apply for leave. The user who has the manager and HR roles will approve the leave.

      How to create a Role?

      • Upon landing on the Dashboard, click on the Admin Menu -> Users -> Create Role.

      • By clicking on the Create Role, a pop-up appears saying New Role. Give a role name, description for the given role and click on Save.

      • A New Role is a created, you can see it on the list page.

      How to assign a Role to a User?

      • Click on the Admin Menu -> Users -> Assign Role.

      • Upon clicking on Assign Roles, you can find a pop-up where it says New User Role.
      • Firstly, you need to select the Sandbox Environment (Dev, QA, UAT, or Live). This selection allows the assignment of roles of the users to the specific Sandbox Environment. (I've selected Dev Environment)

      • Choose the Workspace where you want to assign the User to that Role. (I've selected Admin Workspace)

      • Select the User(s) you wish to assign the Roles to.

      • Select the role(s) that need to be assigned to those users.

      • Click on Save. Your User Roles are saved.

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