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    File Upload

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      File Upload enables users to choose and upload files from their local devices, including documents, images, videos, and more. Here's an explanation of its properties:

      File upload - Properties 

      Field Name: This allow CDs to provide a unique name to the field for its identity.

      Label Name: This allow CDs to provide the final visible name of the field to the end-users.

      Help Text: This enables CDs to give users a helpful text that indicates the field's related value. When the cursor hovers over the field, the help text appears.

      Resize File: This will increase the resolution of image for better visibility.

      Upon increasing the resolution of the images by choosing the Resize File will result in increased file size.

      Validation Settings

      Required Field: This enables CDs to ensure that users provide essential information in the field, preventing oversight or omission of essential data.

      File Size: This allow CDs set a maximum file size (in MB). If a file larger than this size is uploaded, it won't be accepted.

      • Each File: It means that no single file can be larger than the specified size limit.
      • All Files Combined: It means that the total size of all files uploaded together cannot exceed the specified size limit.

      File Type: This allow CDs to choose the type of file should be uploaded, and It has four pre-defined file types from which you can select a file type.

      • Image
      • Document
      • Audio
      • Video files
      • Choose custom types (Audio, Video, Document, Image) with the custom format.

      Restrict Upload: This allow CDs to limit the number of files that users can submit.

      1. The platform does not allow the submission of files (Any File) that are larger than 20 MB.
      2. The platform does not allow the submission of Excel files containing formulas.
      3. If the file name contains any special characters, the platform prohibits its submission.

      Field Theme

      Font Properties

      Field Label Color: CDs can choose or change the color of the field.

      Field Label Size: CDs can change the size of the field to small, medium, large, or custom.

      Field Label Style: CDs can apply styles to the like bold or italic to the field name.

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