File Upload
  • 11 Oct 2022
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File Upload

The File Upload field stores an image, document (PDF, Excel, and so on), audio, or video file.

File upload-Properties 

Resize File: This allows the image files to auto-compress their pixels. This helps the images with large pixels come to a visible size.

Validation Settings: Ensure that data inserted into an application element satisfies defined formats and other input criteria.

  • File Size: This is to set the maximum size of the file that you can upload. Help users understand the limitation with a help text.

  • File Type: This is to define the type of file you can upload, and It has four pre-defined file types from which you can select a file type.
  • Image
  • Document
  • Audio
  • Video files
  • Custom Image Types (Jpg, Png, Jpeg)

  • Restrict Upload: Limit the number of files that users can submit in the File Upload field.39 File Upload Limitation

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