FAQs on workflows
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    FAQs on workflows

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      Q1) What is the minimum task deadline in hours ? 

      Ans: The minimum task deadline is 1 hour that we can assign. 

      Q2) Is button color and text color able to be changed? 

      Ans: Yes, when you click on the button, a properties window will be displayed. From there, you can change the button color and the button text. 

      Q3) Can I configure task SLAs ?  

      Ans: Yes, we can configure the task SLAs in two ways. One has business working hours and the other is 24*7. 

      Q4) What is the use of step-action confirmation? 

      Ans: By enabling a step action confirmation, a pop-up confirmation message will be asked when the work flow step is getting submitted. 

      Q5) What is the use of task messages?

      Ans: This task message field is to set a task message to the User/Role of the workflow step. 

      Q6) Can I configure an escalation or remainder in the workflow ? 

      Ans: Yes, we can configure escalation and remainder in the workflows. By using the define task escalation check out, we can configure an escalation and a remainder. 

      Q7) What is the use of "auto execute"? 

      Ans: Auto execute is used to escalate the task automatically after a defined period of time.


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