FAQs on Integrations
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    FAQs on Integrations

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      What are the different types of integrations available on Quixy?

      You can integrate any third-party platform to Push or Pull data into Quixy using the below-given features. Each feature has its significance.

      Webhook API:  Data from the third-party platform can be pushed to Quixy using this integration. Learn More about Integrations.

      Report API: A Report API in Quixy can be used to push data to a third-party system. The data you want to expose to the third-party platform can be created as a Report API in Quixy. Learn More about Integrations.

      External Integrations: When data from Quixy needs to be pushed into a third-party application, External Integrations are employed. The third-party platform offers a REST API and a JSON object to establish the relationship between the platforms. Learn More about Integrations.

      External app Reference or external lookups: This feature is used to fetch the data from an external database using the REST API provided by the third-party platform. Learn More about Integrations.

      What are the different types of external integrations?

      Custom Integration – Use this option if the third-party platform has its customized REST API and JSON object.

      Zapier webhook – Use this option if the third-party platform does not have a custom-built REST API. Zapier Webhook acts as a bridge between Quixy and the third-party platform.

      What is Authentication, and what are the different types of authentications present in Quixy?

      To verify the third-party platform, Quixy must authenticate with the external platform first. The process of verifying a connection's credibility is known as Authentication. As of now, there are four different types of authentications in Quixy that can be used for different types of Authentication processes.

      • Authentication with a client ID and secret key
      • Token Authentication
      • Basic Authentication
      • open Basic Authentication

      Soon, Quixy will have multiple additional authentication processes.

      Can we set static values in the data capturing fields of a third-party platform through integrations?

      Yes, we can. Instead of mapping the Quixy app's dynamic data capture fields to a third-party app, we can give a static value of any data type (Text, Number, etc.) while mapping the JSON object's data capture fields using integrations.

      Can we add multiple integrations to an application?

      Yes, we can add numerous integrations to separate workflow steps/a single workflow step-action within an application.

      Can we integrate Quixy to WhatsApp, Hub Spot, etc.?

      Yes, the Zapier Webhook allows us to connect to WhatsApp, Hub Spot, and Microsoft Teams that don't have or give custom APIs.

      Is it mandatory to map the data capturing fields in a JSON object and application?

      It is not necessary to map the data capturing fields in a JSON object to the data capturing fields in the application. Static parameters can be given only to pass static values through integration.

      Can we trigger the integration based on a condition?

      Yes, we can trigger integrations based on a condition/rule. An option has been provided on the Integrations configuration page to define the condition.

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