FAQs on App Store
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    FAQs on App Store

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      Q1) What is the purpose of the App Store in Quixy?

      Ans: As the name suggests, the App Store has numerous ready-to-use enterprise-grade solutions available for you, but make sure that you have admin-level access to download solutions from the App Store.

      Q2) Who can access the App Store?

      Ans: Anyone with admin-level access can access the App Store.

      Q3) Are app store solutions free?

      Ans: Yes, all the solutions available on the App Store are free of charge.

      Q4) Can we make changes to app store solutions?

      Ans: Yes, you can edit apps, data tables, and data sources for a new version of the solution when it's downloaded in the account, but those changes will only be visible in that version of the solution and not on app store solutions.

      Q5) Can anyone with a Quixy subscription publish solutions to the App Store?

      Ans: No, only the Quixy team can publish solutions to the App Store.

      Q6) Can app store solutions be copied?

      Ans: Yes, app store solutions, once downloaded, can be copied to another workspace.

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