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  • 26 Oct 2022
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Enable Embed App

This option, like the Google form, generates a link to the app that anyone (who does not need to be a Quixy user) can access.

  • Check the Enable embed App checkbox.

  • The Redirect to drop-down will have External Link option added in the list.

External Link

  • Select the External link option from the Redirect to drop-down.

  • It enables a text box, External Link.

  • Provide a valid external link. It could be any image link or page link.
  • After adding a record in the application, the page redirects to the external link you provided.

  • When you check Enable Embed App checkbox, it creates an Embed link for the application.
  • After publishing the application, click on the 3-dot button on the top right corner of the application view page.

  • Select the Copy Embed App Link option to copy the app's embed link.

  • You can give the embed app link to any user to add records in that application and it is not mandatory that the user is registered in Quixy.
  • When you open the link in a browser, the application will open just like a google form.

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