Data table Functions
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    Data table Functions

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      An overview of data table functions and it's types

      Data Functions act as a bridge that connects an application to a data table and establishes a relationship between them. There are 2 types of data functions:

      1. Data table Functions
      2. App data Functions

      In this article, you will know about data table functions:

      Since we related data functions to a bridge, data table function is one part of that bridge and it is the main part that need to be created first. The other part is app data function.

      A data table function also defines the data's functionality in a data table to perform CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, and Delete) actions.

      Create: To store the app data in a data table. In Quixy, we have renamed the create function as Add.

      Retrieve: To retrieve/get the data from a data table and place it on an app. In Quixy, we have renamed the retrieve function as Get.

      Update: To replace the existing data with a new data in the data table. In Quixy, this function has the same name as Update.

      Delete: To delete the data in the Data Table. In Quixy, this function has the same name as Delete.

      In addition to the above data table functions, in Quixy, we have Add or Update function as well.

      Add or Update: To add a new data in to the data table or update the existing data.


      In any data table you can create multiple Add, Delete, Update, and Add or Update functions.

      To get a visual understanding on how the different types of data table functions work in Quixy, refer to the videos below.

      The below video is part 1 and it explains about Add, Update and Delete functions.

      The below video is part 2 and it explains about Get and Add or Update functions.

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