Chatbot login experience in MS Teams
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    Chatbot login experience in MS Teams

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      An overview of how to login to Quixy using the Chabot in MS Teams

      Log into Quixy Chatbot in MS Teams 

      • Sign in to Microsoft Teams. 

      • Click on Apps on the Teams dashboard and search for Quixy, as shown below. 


      • When you click on the Quixy Chatbot, the Quixy Chatbot's description page appears on the screen. Click on "Add" to download the chatbot.
      • The Quixy chatbot will now be ready for use. Begin the conversation with "Hello" or "Hi." 
      • The Quixy Chatbot will respond with information about its capabilities and sign-in options.
      • Choose to sign in. 

      • Provide your Quixy account's email address, and the chatbot will send an OTP to the same email address.

      • If the login email address for both MS Teams and Quixy platforms is the same, the Quixy Chatbot in MS Teams will automatically log you in as soon as you say Hi/Hello.
      • If the email addresses are different, the Quixy platform will prompt you for an email address.

      • Provide the OTP and you will be logged into Quixy via Chatbot.



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