How to create a report from app data (App Reports)
  • 07 Sep 2022
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    How to create a report from app data (App Reports)

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      In this article, you will learn about creating a report out of the app data to see all the performed transactions and data related to each transaction. This feature is useful if you did not maintain any database for an app and want to see the data of every transaction.

      For example, You have developed an app to collect an organization's employee information and the collected data is stored in a data table. If you lose any of the data from the data table, you will locate it in app data and consolidate that data by creating a report out of it so that you have full insight on the missing data.

      How to create a app report?

      • On app view page, click 3-dot menu and select Reports option.


      • You will land on App Report page, click Add tab.

      • On report add page, you can see a default report name in the Report Name field.
      • Edit the report name if required.

      • Next, you will see 3 radio buttons:
        1. Show as a grid: This option will show you the app data in a grid according to the selected data columns and date range.
        2. Show as a map: TBD
        3. Show Count: This option will show you the number of records entered in the app between the selected date range.

      • Select Show as a grid radio button.
      • Below the radio buttons, on the left,  you will see the list of form elements which you placed in the application.

      • Drag-and-drop the elements on to the right to construct the grid report with those form elements.

      • Click Save.
      • You can see the saved report in the app report list page.

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